Tempest 10 Gallon Reservoir Misting Fan

  • $2,544.99
  • $1,777.99

Product Information:

A New Approach to Cooling – Rehydrate and purify the air while reducing ambient temperature.
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The Tempest misting fan comes in three options:

• Tempest Wall Mount Misting Fan
• Tempest Reservoir Misting Fan -10 Gallon
• Tempest Reservoir Misting Fan -26 Gallon

The US-patented evaporative mechanism, Centrifugal Force Baffle Mechanism (CFBM) vaporizes water more efficiently and at a lower cost than any other technology or device in the market.

By constantly circulating water mist, the Commercial-Grade Tempest Misting Fan rehydrates and purifies the air while reducing ambient temperature. This misting fan has been used in residential, commercial, and industrial environments to:
• Save money - Most customers report a 20-30% savings in cooling costs
• Reduce employee downtime
• Keep clients, athletes and livestock productive, healthy and comfortable – We all perform better and suffer from fewer heat stress related injuries and illnesses, when we are properly hydrated and have a cooling device nearby

All models are 110V/60hz standard, plugging into any standard electrical outlet. This unit excels in residential settings but is also designed for commercial spaces and comes with a 1-yr manufacturer’s warranty.

Additional Info:

Misting fans come with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. For more information, please contact our Customer Care Team.


  • Rehydrates and purifies the air while reducing ambient temperature
  • Water molecules tend to bond with mold, mildew and pollen, literally taking them down to the ground resulting in cleaner, cooler, more refreshing air
  • Produces negative ions, associated with mood improvement
  • Reduces the cost of HVAC maintenance by helping to clean the air
  • Doesn’t drip so no one ever gets wet










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