Highwood vs Competition

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Why Highwood furniture is the best choice for your home…

The most realistic and beautiful ultra-low maintenance alternative to real wood

Our proprietary material, the choice of major theme parks across America, captures the natural beauty of wood like no other. Compare our outdoor products to the competition and see the difference for yourself.

Highwood vs The Competition

Highwood vs The Competition

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"We initially purchased these chairs for our winery, but soon realized we needed to buy more for our home!"

Nadine T

"We wanted a relaxing place to enjoy the view from our backyard, your chairs were the perfect choice. The quality of your products is outstanding!"

Sherri H

"I bought 2 garden chairs and I am in love with them. They are so comfortable and look awesome on my front porch."

Kelli D

Benefits of choosing Highwood over competitors -
  • The cut and appearance make Highwood products indistinguishable from real cut wood.
  • NatureTex® wood grain creates a surface that has the most realistic wood-like texture.
  • Highwood's finish and quality provides smooth, routed edges.
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