Garden Chairs

    These chairs are ideal to place within your garden and enjoy the scenery you’ve cultivated. Whether you want a classic, traditional, or contemporary style, we have the chairs (or chair and table sets) for you.

    After spending the morning working in the garden, you’ll want a place to sit and cool off. Our garden chairs are perfect for resting with contoured seats that maximize comfort. Additionally, we offer kitted sets with two of our garden chairs and a table, so you and a family member or friend can enjoy your hard work while keeping refreshing beverages close by.
    Two gray Lehigh garden chairs and folding side table on stone patio.
    Two red Lehigh garden chairs and red Weatherly garden chair on stone patio.
    To help you personalize your garden furniture set, we have multiple styles for you to choose from. If you’re looking to create a more elegant, traditional setting, go with our Lehigh collection. For a more modern, clean-lined look, go for our Weatherly Garden Chairs. Last, but certainly not least, if you’re looking to emulate the classic Adirondack look, choose our Westport Garden Chair. No matter what you choose, you’ll be sure to produce an idyllic, restful garden area.
    In addition to style choices, we have multiple color options so can seamlessly coordinate your garden chair set with the colors of your garden. With multiple hues of brown, white, and grey, to bolder colors like Red and Blue, you’ll find something that fits well with any garden color scheme. Plus, we recently created a new green color variant with our Eucalyptus swatch. This lighter green calls to mind spring days and Easter egg hunts, so it’s a perfect fit to a freshly sprouting garden in the Spring. Not sure what will work best? Check out our Product Swatches to help you create a beautiful garden furniture area.
    Eleven Highwood color samples. Brown, Black, Gray, Light Green, Dark Blue, Light Gray, Light Blue, Red, Off-white, Light Brown, and White.
    Garden chairs can make or break your outdoor garden décor. That's why our poly lumber garden chairs are available in multiple style and color options. After you grab your chair, add other decorations to make your space your own!