Outdoor Benches

Outdoor benches are the classic image of restful seating for weary travelers, lining trails, parks, or even just as an easy spot for you to enjoy your garden. At Highwood, we produce comfy benches for you to place in all of your valued outdoor spaces. 

Outdoor Benches
    Enjoy your backyard garden in comfort with our outdoor benches that are designed to fit perfectly in any setting. We have multiple designs, including our traditional Lehigh and modern Weatherly collection styles. Both of these styles feature variants with or without backs and are available with multiple bench colors and sizing options. With a large range of customization options, you’re sure to find the ideal bench for your yard setting.
    Light gray 4ft Lehigh garden bench with pillow and blanket in grassy area.
    Our backless picnic benches are great for seating along walkways, trails, or anywhere you might need some extra space to sit in your backyard. These outdoor benches are available in either our Weatherly or Lehigh design families and come in 4ft or 5ft lengths (4ft backless Weatherly bench shown in Federal Blue).
    Highwood’s outdoor benches are high-quality products made from sturdy, weather resistant material. Made in the USA, our proprietary poly lumber emulates the look of real wood, but without the hassles of maintaining and cleaning the real thing. Take a look at our benches today!
    Wood-grain detail on light gray Highwood material panel.
    We can talk about benches all day, but our customers love them too, so here's what Connie had to say about our 6-foot Lehigh bench: "We really like the bench because it requires almost no maintenance and was large enough for the area we needed. It was also available in the color we liked. It is very heavy so no worries about the wind. It met our expectations in every way."