Bar & Counter Height Outdoor Dining Tables

To provide alternatives to the regular dining height tables, we also have our bar and counter tables. A variety of chairs and stools are available to pair with whichever sizing works best for your dining arrangement.

Bar & Counter Height Outdoor Dining Tables
    Our bar and counter height tables come as traditional squares or circles for a deck centerpiece, or as a longer rectangle so you can create an outdoor bar setting. Adding these tables will make excellent snack stations or bar features for an outdoor summer party. Create a fun experience for your family and friends with a patio set in bar height, counter height, or a mix of both!
    Red Lehigh bar height balcony table with beer and chips.
    Gray Lehigh bar height set on gray balcony.
    Bringing a bar or counter table to your patio arrangement opens up a wide range of customization options to allow you the freedom of creating the best arrangement for your yard. An assortment of chairs and stools offer many combinations to make your deck a classy space to eat together.