Rocking Chair Sets

For added convenience, we’ve combined some of our popular rocking chair products into single sets. Enjoy relaxing with a friend or a special someone as you take in the scenery offered by your porch or patio. Our bundles feature both our Classic Westport style and our Lehigh collection style.

Rocking Chair Sets
    Our rocking chair sets include an inviting side table for keeping your necessities within arm’s reach. These tables offer a space-efficient footprint, making them perfect for accompanying any of our rocking chair designs. Our side tables come in Classic Westport or Adirondack-style varients.
    Set of two light green Lehigh rocking chairs and a side table on a patio.
    Man working at Highwood manufacturing plant.
    At Highwood, we always craft top-tier, long-lasting outdoor furniture. Like all our products, our rocking chairs sets are made in the USA, crafted from sturdy, weatherproof material. Designed to resist weather damage from the rain, wind, snow, ice, and fading from the sun, you’ll be able to enjoy the calming atmosphere provided by our product for years.
    If you live at or simply love the beach, Riverside rocking chair sets from our Bahia Verde brand are right for you! These sets are crafted from long-lasting HDPE poly lumber, and the material contains UV inhibitors to keep the bright colors from fading. Grab a beach-themed rocking chair and table set today, and then enjoy a refreshing lemonade in your personal paradise!