One Life. Your Rules.

ELK OUTDOORS is a newer brand that builds on our company's key values of quality and durability. These products offer investment-grade outdoor furniture for adventure loving rising stars, featuring material that emulates the look of natural wood, but doesn’t get damaged by water or other liquids. Without the need for constant upkeep, you’ll have plenty of time to live your life by your rules.

    Eco-friendly and durable, ELK OUTDOORS furniture products have a real-wood look that adds durability and removes maintenance hassles. Made from water and weather resistant material, they hold up all year rain or shine, plus their exterior look won’t fade for a long time. Be prepared for years of enjoyment and relaxation with ELK OUTDOORS.
    Blue Highwood poly lumber rolling out of industrial machinery.
    Highwood color sample set.
    We built our ELK OUTDOORS brand for adventurous souls, so we’ve provided a variety of color swatches for each of these products. Use wood-tone browns, black, or greys to blend in with the natural background, or stand out with whites, blues, or red. If you need help deciding, we offer product swatches so you can see how the color performs in person.
    From extrusion to assembly, we craft all of our ELK OUTDOORS furniture sets right here in the USA. Our products are made by American engineers and craftsman who believe in making great furniture the right way. In light of that, we use recycled plastics to produce our high grade poly lumber, so your furniture is both better for your home and better for the planet.
    White poly lumber pellets falling into fabrication machine.