Outdoor Porch Swings

Make your porch a magical relaxation zone with Highwood’s porch swings. Choose from a variety of styles, widths, and colors to customize your comfort.

Outdoor Porch Swings
    What could be better than gently rocking back and forth on your porch swing, waving to the neighbors, and sharing an evening conversation? With our American-made outdoor porch swings, this idyllic scene could be yours. Pick from our Weatherly, Lehigh, or Westport collection styles to find a look that fits perfectly with your porch arrangements.
    Red Lehigh porch swing on white porch.
    Highwood color samples with highwood® logo.
    Swapping porch swing colors is an easy way to add your own personal touch to your porch. With shades of white, black, grey, red, blue, and brown, we have multiple options for you to craft an eye-catching centerpiece. Relax with your own style as you swing back and forth on a summer afternoon.
    At Highwood USA, we’re experts in making durable, all-weather outdoor furniture. Our porch swings are made to be waterproof and weather-resistant, so there’s no need to take it down every winter and set it back up every spring. We’re proud to provide you convenient and easy relaxation on your porch.
    Tan Lehigh porch swing with blanket and pillo
    For a unique way to create a personal outdoor retreat, hang one of our single seat porch swings. You can enjoy a book in the quiet of your own space while you rock back and forth in the shade. Like the larger swings, you can find our single-seat swings in the Weatherly, Westport, and Lehigh design families, with a variety of swing colors to choose from.