Porch Swing Sets

Our Porch Swing Sets are a great way to transform your porch into a serene relaxation setting. Enjoy the gentle back-and-forth swinging as you take in the sunset after a long day. Our sets also allow you to take your swing to the garden with our Pergola kits.

Porch Swing Sets
    For an easy way to relax while keeping your snacks and drinks at hand, pick up one of our porch swing and table combo sets. Available in both our traditional Lehigh and more modernly styled Weatherly collections, each set comes with a sturdy Adirondack coffee table, granting you a convenient place to set your valuables.
    Light brown Lehigh porch swing and conversation table with coffee tray and flowers.
    Light brown Lehigh porch swing and pergola set on stone patio.
    If you prefer a garden swing to a porch swing set, look at our Pergola porch swing frames and our A-frame porch swing stand. Highwood’s Bodhi Pergola sets are a perfect fit for a garden setting with their earthy designs. Additionally, on hot summer days, the lattice above provides shade as you swing back and forth. If you're looking for something simpler, our A-frame stand is an excellent companion to give your backyard a swing set.