Adirondack Chairs & Furniture

The Adirondack chair. The quintessential outdoor lounge chair is perhaps the most versatile of all outdoor seating options and it’s easy to see why. Classic lines and razor-sharp style stay on-point whether you’re in the mountains, suburbs, city, or on the waterfront. Highwood’s sleek variations on the Adirondack theme and variety of color options will let you add your own unique spin on this proven winner.

Adirondack Chairs
    The Adirondack chair has a history spanning over 120 years. Invented between 1900-1903 by Thomas Lee, the flat back and contoured seating were initially popular among mountain-air tuberculosis clinics in upper New York since the chair’s design helped patients enjoy the crisp air in comfort. Originally, the seat back only had a single plank; the classic, fan-shaped design wasn’t added until 1938.* In the present day, Adirondack chairs are loved all over the world, adding flair to patios, lawns, and outdoor gathering areas everywhere. *Source: The Smithsonian (
    Original Adirondack chair diagram.
    Light gray Manhattan Beach Adirondack chair, ottoman, and folding side table on a beach.
    As an American classic, our Adirondack chairs are 100% made in the USA and crafted from strong, all-weather materials made to last for years. Our furniture is available in a variety of colors, and the outer color of each chair runs continuously throughout the poly lumber material, along with UV inhibitors and stabilizers to protect them from environmental degradation. Fade-resistant, these classic designs are a perfect addition to a patio furniture set and will keep your friends and family coming back for outdoor gatherings time and time again.
    Adirondack chairs are designed to help you relax and enjoy time outside with friends and family. Our chairs are optimized for maximum, carefree comfort so you can rest in style. Set them up on your patio or add to a fire pit arrangement, and then sit back and relax as you experience a nice, calming evening outdoors.
    Man working in Highwood manufacturing facility.