Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces

The most beautiful things in the world often come in small packages — so does our furniture!

Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces
    Slim designs and space-saving construction allow our bar and balcony sets to fit into smaller platform areas and locations. From modern styles like our Monroe series, to the classic Lehigh family, we have designs to suit any household. Plus, we also offer bar height bistro tables, chairs, and bar stools for a customized outdoor bar.
    Your small space may not have enough room to host a large party, but you and someone special might be able to enjoy a special evening! Small round tables and two chairs give room for a date night, or a set of two rocking chairs and a side table will let you and a companion spend time relaxing.
    Your small space may be tight, but with the right furniture, you still have plenty of options for relaxation! Adding a rocking chair will make the stress melt away as you rock away the afternoon. Best of all, each chair will last for years with minimal need for maintenance.
    If you need a place to hold your valuables in your small space, our folding side table provides a convenient surface with a space-conscious frame. As you sit back and enjoy your space, keep drinks, snacks, or a book nearby. If desired, you can easily fold the table for storage or transport (so its great for camping or beach trips!).