5 Tips for Accessorizing Your Pergola This Season

5 Tips for Accessorizing Your Pergola This Season
MAR 17 2023

5 Tips for Accessorizing Your Pergola This Season


If you don’t have a porch or other covered area in your backyard, and you are looking for options to create a bit more shade, pergolas can be a stylish choice.

Our Bodhi Pergolas, which come in a variety of sizes, provide subtle shade and elegant style, with their clean lines and bold structure. Virtually maintenance-free, they require no painting or staining, so you won’t need to disassemble them for new coats of paint or annual restaining.

If you’re thinking of incorporating a pergola into your space, or if you already have one and are looking for ways to enhance it, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite décor ideas below.


Décor Ideas

1. Add Some Lighting

Probably the easiest way to add ambiance to your pergola is with lighting. String lights are a classic option for creating atmosphere, and they allow you to use the pergola later into the evening. Make sure you buy industrial-grade lights with watertight seals around the bulbs, so that they, like the pergola, can endure rough weather. String the lights through the slats of the roof and drape them down the sides for a graceful, stylish effect.



2. Refresh Your Space with Outdoor Furniture

If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll want to fill your space with furniture, and highwood® has more than a few great options to suit a variety of needs. For smaller pergolas, consider our Lehigh Picnic Benches (which come in two sizes) paired with our Lehigh Garden Chair. If you still have room, our Folding Adirondack Ottoman will add an extra element of relaxation.

For larger spaces, or if outdoor dining is part of the plan for your pergola, you may be able to fit an entire dining set in your space, depending on what else you include. If you’ll be dining for two, we recommend our Hamilton dining set. We love the timeless look of this three-piece, 36” set, which is part of our highwood® Adirondack collection. Perfect for coffee with your partner on weekend mornings or for a pre-dinner cocktail, it will look great under your pergola.

 When selecting a dining set and thinking about measurements, don’t forget that chairs will take up additional space when pulled out from the table (though of course, the walls of a pergola are forgiving!).



3. Consider Adding a Hammock

If your space is large enough and you’re looking to create a true oasis in your backyard, consider adding a hammock. Free-standing hammocks come in many shapes and sizes, and as their names indicate, they can be placed anywhere. Some also come in bright fabrics and patterns, providing an opportunity to add pops of color to your space. For another relaxing option, consider one of our pergolas with a  swing  option.



4. Privacy Options

Depending on how close you live to your neighbors, you may want additional privacy. If so, consider adding screens or curtains to your pergola. Screens will create a more solid, wall-like effect, similar to shades, while curtains are loose and move in the breeze. When it’s time to make a decision, think about your vision and the effect both options will have.


5. Dust Off Your Green Thumb

Plants are another fun way to add color, texture, and even shade to your space. The pergola’s open beams are great for vines and other plants, since they can provide shade as the hang down into the area below. Plus, they’ll get plenty of light for growth! Wisteria is a lovely option for its lavender color and drooping effect.

 For more ideas and plant inspiration for your outdoor space, check out our previous post on the subject here.



A pergola is a special, private outdoor space for socialization and relaxation. Enjoy making it your own! 

Do you have any pergola ideas? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

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