Product Availability & Lead Time Information

Our current order fulfillment time for most product types is 7 to 10 days.

Please remember that your specific order may ship faster, or slower, depending on the product(s) and color(s) that you have chosen. Larger sets and dining tables may take longer for example than a single Adirondack chair order. 

COVID-19 is still impacting our supply chain and this means that while there may be a delay on some items, others will not be impacted at all.  The cause of any delay is often beyond our control (e.g. we are waiting for supply of an ingredient or component) but we assure you that we are fulfilling orders as quickly as we can and will communicate clearly to keep you updated on your order progress.  We truly appreciate your patience as we build quality products that we are sure, you will love.

2023 Product Availability

We take great pride in providing premium, 100% American-made Outdoor Living products and we are humbled that so many people choose our brands as centerpieces to their family’s outdoor living spaces.  

The pandemic caused challenges in our supply chain and also fuel-injected demand for our products...products that were already experiencing an explosion in popularity.  In order to better serve our customers throughout 2022 and 2023, we decided to temporarily trim our product line-up so that we could focus on maintaining a reasonable lead-time.  Therefore, please note:

  • Any item that is listed as “TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE” will not be available on our store or on any other of our authorized e-retail partner websites until further notice.  We anticipate that these items will return during the 2023 season, and you can click "Notify Me When Available” to get an auto-email alert as soon as the product is availability.
  • We are the sole manufacturer of these products and almost all orders (from authorized retailer partners all over the internet) are redirected to us and ship out from our factory.  Therefore...
    • For fastest delivery of authentic products be sure to ONLY purchase either here (directly from us, the manufacturer) OR from one of our authorized retailers.
    • Note that our warranty is only valid when our products are purchased from an authorized retailer.  If in doubt, feel free to contact us.
    • If an authorized retailer shows any of these “temporarily unavailable” items as in-stock/available to buy in 2022 or 2023 – check to make sure that they physically have the item in their inventory

We will continue to take all precautions possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety of our community, our employees and our customers.  Thank you for your understanding as we navigate the many challenges that these unusual circumstances continue to bring.


-The Highwood Team