Updated March 19, 2021 


Please remember that this is an average and your order may ship faster, or slower, depending on the specific product(s) and color(s) in your order.  We are fulfilling orders as quickly as we can and appreciate your patience as we build quality products that we are sure, you will love.

2021 Product Availability

We take great pride in providing premium quality outdoor furniture and we are humbled that so many people choose our products as centerpieces to their family’s outdoor living spaces. 

Here at Highwood USA, we manufacture both the proprietary synthetic wood and the products built from that wood.  In addition to the manufacturing challenges that COVID-19 has brought, the pandemic has also fuel-injected an already rapidly growing demand for our products. 

For the 2021 season we have decided to temporarily trim our product line so that we can focus on maintaining a reasonable lead-time for our valued customers.  Therefore:

  • If an item is shown as “TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE” it is not part of our 2021 offering and will not be available on our store or on any other retail website until further notice. (You can choose "Notify Me When Available").

Note:  we are the manufacturer of these products and almost all orders (from retailers all over the internet) are redirected to us and ship from our factory.  Therefore:

  • Remember to only purchase our products from authorized retailers.
  • If you see these “Temp Unavailable” products in-stock/available on other retail websites, make sure that the retailer has the item in their inventory
  • If you see our active products available claiming faster lead-times on other retail websites, be cautious - again the only way that this can happen is if the retail has physical inventory of the item.

We continue to take all precautions possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety of our community, our employees and our customers.