7 Outdoor Living Trends to Start Off 2024

7 Outdoor Living Trends to Start Off 2024


With each new year comes fresh ideas for outdoor living. These outdoor entertaining trends will define how we'll gather outside this year. Read on for advice on 7 popular furniture arrangements and get ahead of the curve!


Outdoor Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Gatherings around the fire are an age-old tradition that has offered fun to families and friends for generations. Though it might be a little too cold to use fireside arrangements now, you can get a head start on spring gatherings by throwing one together now! Check out our Westport Fireside Set for an instant set-up or ideas on what to add around your fire.


Classic Westport Fireside Adirondack Set in Federal Blue


Appreciation for Traditional Style

There’s a reason why so many have a love for the classics. Often, simple styles are the ones that last the longest, and their longevity can be attributed to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” rule. At highwood®, our appreciation for the classics is expressed in our Westport, Hamilton, and Lehigh collections.

In the Classic Westport collection, we honor the timeless Adirondack chair by keeping the standard formula, but we also add the look to outdoor tables, lounge chairs, ottomans, and more.

The Hamilton Collection also features the iconic Adirondack look, but we add more back slats, and throw in folding and reclining features that can be seen in our Hamilton Adirondack.

Last, but not least, our Lehigh collection highlights traditional design through straight lines, and squared backs. Chairs, tables, dining sets, and more will bring an elegant design that can fit in any backyard arrangement.


Lehigh 4ft Porch Swing


Customizable & Multifunctional Furniture

With limited space, the ability to use outdoor space for multiple functions is key. A space used to spend personal time one day can transform into a vibrant party area the next evening. To help facilitate this functionality, try mixing and matching tables, chairs, and sectional furniture. For some ideas, check out our conversation sets.

Speaking of sectionals, our all-new deep seating collection offers customizable outdoor comfort with weather-resistant cushions. Deep seating sectionals offer the comfort of the indoors in an outdoor furniture package.


Bespoke Deep Seating: 5 Piece Sectional Set in Dune


Easy Maintenance

In a Southern Living article, designer Daniel McCurry from Father Nature Landscapes highlights how homeowners are seeking more economical and less labor-intensive entertaining areas. Thankfully, Highwood furniture is made from long-lasting poly lumber, and is easier to maintain than real wood. When wood chips and rots, highwood® material holds up, and UV inhibitors prevent the color from fading or dulling in the sun.

Besides furniture, McCurry notes that homeowners are rethinking larger pools for smaller alternatives. “More economical pool settings include plunge pools (small garden pools), splash pools, and spas,” he says. Luckily, when it comes to an outdoor hot tub or spa, we’ve got you covered. With more than 15 years of expertise, our pool and spa products include paneling replacement kits and accessories that will offer you years of enjoyment. 


Hot Tub Spa Two Tier Steps 32 Inch in Black


Self-Care Zones

As more homeowners are recognizing the benefits of time outdoors for holistic living, creating a space for yoga or reading can be a great idea. In addition to helping with your New Year’s resolutions, these spaces can be a source of relaxation anytime you want.

For a reading space, consider a comfortable Adirondack Chair and side table. Feel free to add any accessories you might desire as well. If your yoga space comes up against a wall, the Hartford Trellis makes an excellent backdrop!


Garden Dining Areas

Breakfast and tea among your cultivated flowers sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? Once we get closer to spring, you’ll be glad for one of our garden chairs and a side table.

If you want a space to enjoy breakfast or tea with a special someone, you can add a set of two garden chairs plus one of our longer conversation tables. Though set lower to the ground, these tables offer plenty of space for two breakfast plates or tea saucers. As the flowers begin to bloom, you can sip some herbal tea while enjoying your handiwork.


Weatherly Garden Seating Set in Eucalyptus


Outdoor Kitchens

Besides the standard grill, fully outfitted outdoor kitchens have been on the rise. Once you have your oven, outdoor range, and other appliances set up, you’ll need to complete the picture with furniture.

Any of our outdoor dining furniture styles could do the trick, but we’d like to call attention to our all-new bar furniture items. If you have a smaller space, these kits are ideal for some elevated seating in an outdoor kitchen.    


Monroe Modern Balcony 3pc Set in Woodland Brown



Now that you know some of the top trends for this year, you can start updating your yard and patio space.


How might your outdoor living area change this year? Let us know in the comments! We love hearing from you and seeing your pictures!

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