A Complete Guide to Outdoor Benches

A Complete Guide to Outdoor Benches

Trying to decide on the best way to enjoy the sights in your backyard or garden? If you’re considering adding a bench or two, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, we offer the ultimate guide to buying benches for your garden, backyard, or any other kind of outdoor space. Our goal is to help you craft the perfect outdoor living area where you and your guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery it has to offer.


Plan Ahead

Benches are a great way to invest in your outdoor living space. However, to ensure that you don’t overwhelm your yard, its crucial to consider your spacing and style needs.

Benches seat multiple people, but also have the potential to take a significant footprint when it comes to yard space. Make sure you have up-to-date measurements of your garden or yard space for ideal bench placement.

When it comes to length, highwood benches are usually offered in 4ft and 5ft versions depending on the design. However, to make the best use of your space, be sure to check all the dimensions listed on the product pages for valuable sizing information. It’s important to consider depth, height, and weight as well as width.


Choose an Appropriate Style

Once you have your measurements, you can move on to choosing a style. What look would best compliment your garden or yard? Consider whether the overall area is better suited to a more traditional or modern-styled bench.

Traditional and Rustic

Traditional outdoor furniture styles can add a rustic look to any outdoor space. Benches with a traditional look are spectacular when placed on a front porch or patio area. Consider traditional styles for emulating the feel of small towns, farmhouses, or countryside retreats.

Our traditional style comes in the form of our Lehigh Garden benches. Available in 4ft or 5ft lengths, they feature classic backing and charming, sophisticated details. In addition to what it adds to a farmhouse chic motif, it fits well in pretty much any environment. Plus, the contoured seat provides optimal comfort.




Modern and Sleek

Modern styles can vary, but generally feature straight lines and right angles. These are ideal for placing next to large windows, within gardens, or around modern architecture. Modern benches can help you make a statement without standing out too much. 

When it comes to our modern offerings, look to our Weatherly Garden bench. Like the Lehigh bench, it’s available in both 4ft and 5ft lengths and has the contoured seat, but the Weatherly style features contemporary, slatted backing that embodies sleek, contemporary design.





If you like the look of Adirondack chairs, you’re in luck! Modeled after these American furniture staples, Adirondack-style benches create a unique look perfect for a garden or patio. These benches include larger backs that help provide optimal comfort as you enjoy your backyard scenery.

Our brand-new Adirondack style benches come in the form of our 4ft Hamilton benches. In addition to its stylish design, this model offers a curved back and contoured seat for ideal comfort. We offer both a standard size and an extra-tall counter height version.



Stationary, or Glider?

Looking for a bench, but you would like to enjoy an easy, breezy motion? Relax and sway your stress away in our Lehigh Gliding bench. As the name suggests, this bench allows you and a friend or loved one to glide back and forth as you marvel at your beautiful yard.




Consider a Backless Bench

On the other end of the spectrum, benches don’t always need a back. If you want something different, consider backless picnic benches. These can be especially nice if you’re budgeting for space or want a nice spot to sit along a garden path.

Highwood offers both traditional and modern-styled backless benches, so look here to see them in action.




Choose the Perfect Color

Choosing a color is another key aspect of deciding which outdoor bench you’d like. As you look at bench designs, would brighter colors look best? Or are more subdued earth-tones the choice for your space? Let your creative juices flow as you imagine what benches could look like for your home.

For some inspiration on possible colors, check out our color swatches.


Add Seasonal Decorations

If the bench is a year-round fixture, consider how your space changes each season, and whether or not decorations such as pillows, blankets, or other fixtures may be helpful for seasonal palette changes.

For example, consider a decorative scarecrow for fall or snowman during winter to help keep the bench occupied when others aren’t using it.




How Will You Use Benches?

We hope this guide has been helpful for you as you consider the best way to incorporate outdoor benches into your backyard space. For some additional creative tips on bench usage, check out this great  article.

We love seeing how others make use of our outdoor furniture! If you’ve already added benches to your backyard space, share your pictures with us! We may even showcase your setup in our Customer Gallery.


Have other ideas for backyard bench usage? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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