A Complete Guide to Rocking Chairs

A Complete Guide to Rocking Chairs
DEC 23 2022

Rock Your Cares Away


There is nothing quite like sitting in a rocking chair—whether on your porch or in your yard—whiling away the time with a good book, your knitting, or a taking refreshing nap. Luckily, highwood® has a collection of low-maintenance, weatherproof rockers in great colors so you can select a rocker you’ll love.

What to consider and which rocker to pick? We’ve developed a guide to help you choose.


Before You Start:

Check Your Surface

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have the right outdoor surface for a rocking chair. Concrete, decking, a wood porch, and pavement all provide the smooth surface you need. Grass, gravel, or uneven stone will impede the rocking motion and keep you from enjoying your rocker to the fullest.


Measure Your Space

Next, make sure there is enough space to rock safely and securely. Our rocking chairs don’t take up a lot of space, but take a look at the dimensions of the rocker you’re choosing, and allow enough space all around to account for the rocking motions in front and in back.  A good rule of thumb is 2-3 feet on all sides. You don’t want to hit anything, such as other furniture, your porch wall, or a fence.


Pay Attention to the View

There is nothing like sitting in your rocker and watching the world go by. So it’s a good idea to consider the view from the space you’re considering as part of your plan.


Consider Shelter

When you choose a location for your rocker, it’s also good to think of the weather in your location.  Luckily, all highwood® outdoor furniture is weatherproof and can be left outside in rain, wind, snow, and on very sunny days. You, however, are not weatherproof, and you may want to place your chair under an eave, or on a covered porch.  In fact, there is nothing quite like rocking on your porch and listening to the rain while you’re dry and comfortable.

As far as which rocker to select, that’s a matter of taste, the rocker’s features, and your surroundings. highwood® has a great selection ranging from very modern to classic and traditional.


Rocker Height and Ease of Use

One feature you might want to keep in mind, depending on your own strength and ability, is the chair height. A chair that is lower to the ground, such as our Classic Westport Adirondack Rocking Chair is harder for some to get into and out of; our newly added Hamilton Rocking Chair is higher, which makes it easier to stand when you want to get up.   


Visual Setting

You’ll also want to think about the tone set by the architecture of your home and grounds. If your house has sleek, modern lines, you might want a contemporary rocker like our Weatherly Rocking Chair, with its straight, squared-off look.  If your house and grounds are very formal and traditional, the stately Lehigh Rocking Chair might be an excellent match.  Or, if your setting is more laid back and classically casual, Adirondack styles such as the highwood® Westport, or Hamilton might lend a great tone.


Color Brings Out the Best

Once you’ve chosen a style, turn your attention to color. All highwood® rockers come in an assortment of hues. You can blend with or accent your other furniture or select a different color scheme on your front porch than in your back yard. You can choose a bright, statement color such as Rustic Red, a sophisticated look like Federal Blue, or various light- and dark shades from black to white and wood tones. If you’re not sure, order a set of our color swatches and hold them up in various lighting situations to see what works best.


Our Official Buying Guide

Here is a rundown of the highwood® Rocking Chair collection, including a few key features for each. Be sure to check out the pictures and dimensions of each chair on our website before you decide:


Lehigh Rocking Chair:

- Customers love this chair for its charming design and sophisticated finishes

- The chair has distinctive back styling that matches any environment

- Contoured seat provides a full-scale, comfortable experience



Weatherly Rocking Chair:

- Chair embodies the sleek styling the Weatherly collection is known for

- Contemporary/modern squared-back styling

- Contoured seat provides a comfortable escape



Hamilton Rocking Chair:

- The design of this newest rocker echoes our popular Hamilton Adirondack Chair—customers loved the comfort and style of our Hamilton so much that we decided to design a matching rocking chair

- Classic, laid-back styling

- Contoured seat also provides a ‘waterfall front’ so water and rain roll right off and will not pool on the seat

- Higher off the ground than our other styles



Classic Westport Adirondack Rocking Chair:

- A true classic, with a look befitting harbor towns, lighthouses, and sandy beaches

- Adirondack back styling

- Contoured seat also provides a ‘waterfall front’ so water and rain roll right off and will not pool on the seat

- Lower to the ground and could be harder for some to get in/out of



Westport Garden Rocking Chair:

- The perfect blend of style and comfort

- A more modern approach to the Adirondack style/backing

- Contoured seat for complete relaxation



We know you’ll love your rocker. In fact, you may want to buy a few and invite friends or family members to join you for a laid-back conversation.  Or maybe you’ll want to bounce a grandchild on your knee—the versatility is endless.


What Rocking Chair style do you prefer? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

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