Trending Colors for Fall 2022

Autumn—The Time for Color
SEP 02 2022

Autumn–The Time for Color


Summer will soon be winding down, but nature provides her own “reprieve” in the form of fall colors. There is nothing like a stroll or drive through a wondrous blaze of red, gold, and purple to alleviate any apprehension about going back to school or turn the tail end of summer into a glorious adventure.


Backstage at the Fall Color Show

Did you ever wonder how and why leaves provide this amazing show? It turns out that much of the time, the colors are already there!  For most of the summer, the colors are masked by the green pigment in chlorophyll, which helps plants make food out of sunlight. When the weather turns colder (and the days get shorter) many trees conserve energy by cutting back on chlorophyll-making, thus allowing the underlying yellow, orange, and red pigments—called carotenoids-- to show through. Perhaps the best part is that every season, the show is different; temperature, moisture, and sunlight never combine quite the same way twice, so every year is a new combination of color.


More than Leaves

But fall colors don’t stop with leaves. Think of bright red apples, playful orange pumpkins, or faded brown corn mazes, all contributing to the autumn pallet established by the leaves. This is why it’s so satisfying to bring the crisp colors of fall into your own space with your highwood® all-season furniture, which readily transitions from summer to underscore your autumn adventure. Many highwood® colors, in fact, say “autumn” all by themselves.



highwood® Colors Echo the Season

Take Rustic Red for example, the perfect accent color for any space. In fall, your red highwood® chairs, tables, and swings complement just-picked apples, the leaves that carpet the ground, and the mums just coming into their peak. Or think of Weathered Acorn—the deep brown tone that embraces and highlights fall’s natural beauty as it echoes the colors of leaves, the bark on the trees, and the ground itself. You can relax in a Bodhi 10’x12’ Pergola with a 4’ Classic Westport Porch Swing as the pergola catches the fallen leaves and you can feel yourself blending into the landscape.


Whitewash, meanwhile, works in summer and fall with a subtle and underscored statement, traditional and elegant in any environment. It evokes white pumpkins and the marshmallows of s’mores. In a set of 4 Classic Westport Adirondack Chairs with 2 Folding Side Tables, it is the perfect color to encircle your fire pit on brisk autumn nights to enjoy the warmth and flames.



To get “up close and personal” with these colors, simply order a set of color swatches—actual pieces made from the same high-grade poly lumber as our furniture itself. That way, you can see how the colors will work with your own outdoor space.


Making Fall Your Own

As a final transformative step, take away the pastels of summer accessories, and complement the landscape with cozy cushions, throws and pillows in vibrant fall hues.

And remember: this season is fleeting, with the periods of best color measured in days more than weeks. So, stop, relax, and take advantage of this special time of year. And as you wrap yourself up in your favorite blanket, grasping your cup of hot cider or chocolate, take a moment to breathe in the crisp fall air, confident that your highwood® outdoor furniture handles fall color as brightly as the leaves themselves.


What is your favorite thing about Fall? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

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