Bring the Beach Home with Bahia Verde Outdoors

Bring the Beach Home with Bahia Verde Outdoors

Introducing our newest brand: Bahia Verde Outdoors, now available here on our website! These vibrant furniture items are inspired by pristine shorelines, riverside towns, and coastal lighthouse architecture, and are designed to help you create your own personal paradise wherever you want it to be.

Featuring Adirondack chairs, benches, tables, and more, you can find plenty of ways to beautify a beach or lake house, but they aren’t only made as vacation furniture pieces: whip up a tropical paradise anywhere you desire!

Bahia Verde Outdoors also has its own brand website. Visit it here and sign up for the newsletter to get a free material and color sample!


Same Value, Different Aesthetic

While it has a unique look, the quality of Bahia Verde furniture is on the same level as what you love from highwood®.

The material may have a different feel and lack wood-grain texture, but Bahia Verde’s high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lumber is weather resistant, lasting through coastal rain, wind, and sand, as well as cold and snow found inland. We’ve built Bahia Verde furniture to last for years, and it will.


Bahia Verde Material Close Up


Easy to maintain, you can spend more time relaxing and less time sanding or staining your chairs and tables. At the start of the season, just wash and lightly scrub with soap and water for a fresh start to Springtime relaxation.

See below for some of our favorites from Bahia Verde’s furniture lineup!


The Cape Family

With beach and shore town aesthetics, the Cape collection is the essence of Bahia Verde Outdoors. What you’d expect from a beachside retreat is all here, including Adirondack chairs (both a classic and a folding version), side and coffee tables, folding ottoman footrests, and combined furniture sets!


Cape Folding and Reclining Adirondack Chairs in Seaglass Blue


As a bonus, we also carry a Cape Cup holder accessory to fit to Bahia Verde Adirondack chairs! Keep an ice-cold beverage close as you soak up the sun.


The Riverside family

The Riverside collection takes the charm of America’s river towns and presents it as a furniture style. This grouping is characterized by horizontal lines across the furniture backs, and includes chairs, rockers, benches, and porch swings.


Riverside 4ft Garden Bench in Palm Green


Besides single items, Riverside furniture sets add multiple seating options as well as tables for convenience. See below for a bundle with a bench, chairs and long table and craft an instant hangout area!


Comfort Height Adirondack Chairs

The Adirondack chair is an icon of comfort, but with a lower seat, they aren’t always easy on the body. To help mitigate potential back aches, we created our Comfort Height Adirondack chairs in two unique styles! Both models are just above 17 inches off the ground, making it that much easier to slide in and out of the Adirondack chair.

The Corolla Comfort Height Adirondack chair sports a unique, modern design in the form of three large, vertical boards that make up the chair’s back.

For a more familiar Adirondack style, look to the Waterfall Comfort Height chair. With a tall, fan-shaped back, this chair offers supreme support and comfort as you enjoy a sunset by the beach.


Waterfall Comfort Height Adirondack Chair in Sunbeam Yellow


Vibrant Colors that Evoke Paradise

From Sunbeam Yellow, to Seaglass Blue, and Palm Green, the vivid, tropical color choices that characterize Bahia Verde’s furniture will define your outdoor haven.

To see how the material looks in person, you can pick up Bahia Verde product swatches just like you can for highwood®. Let these colorful product swatch kits help in planning your own tropical paradise!


Proudly 100% Made in the USA

No matter what brand you choose, we are committed to making all our outdoor furniture 100% in the USA. Since we took our inspiration from pristine American waterways, it’s fitting that we aim to use recycled materials in our manufacturing and keep plastic out of our lakes, rivers, streams and everything in between, as much as possible.

Let Bahia Verde Outdoors transport you to the land of summer vacations and endless, tropical shorelines! Your slice of the shore awaits!


Which aspect of Bahia Verde furniture catches your eye the most? Let us know in the comments!

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