NOV 12 2021

Celebrate Thanksgiving Outdoors

Let’s face it, Thanksgiving 2020 was a turkey. This year we have the promise of a normal, Zoom-free holiday, complete with the chance to finally gather again with family and friends.

Thanksgiving 2021


As we sit down with those we’ve missed for so long, we have much to be thankful for. And since late November offers a last chance for outdoor gatherings, moving some of the festivities out of the dining room might be the way to make this year extra special.


Not only does an outdoor thanksgiving make it possible to spread out and enjoy the day in a socially distanced way, but the crisp air, dynamic skies, and what remains of the fall foliage make the day spent outside that much more memorable.

Find the Right Look


First and foremost, the last few weeks of fall offer a wealth of decorating opportunities. Farm stands are practically giving pumpkins away, gourds abound, and autumn leaf-inspired decorations, whether natural or not, make it a snap to adorn tables with seasonal colors.


Let There be Light


The days are getting shorter, and there’s a real chance your guests will linger after sunset. Candle lanterns offer a portable, warm glow where you need it, and LED candles deliver hours of worry-free luminescence.

It's all About the Table


When it comes to the perfect outdoor Thanksgiving, the table is the thing. Thoughts of holidays past bring to mind football games in the backyard, naps on the couch, but more than anything, we recall tables surrounded by loved ones, groaning under the weight of holiday meals.

If you’re taking the party outside, Highwood’s Hometown Picnic Table is the perfect home base for up to eight; it’s sturdy enough to support people and pies alike, and if your party grows, it’s a snap to move a few tables together to accommodate everyone.



Our Adirondack Coffee Table, meanwhile, gives you the ability to place drinks, side dishes, or desserts wherever they are most convenient.

Shall we Chat?


The best part of Thanksgiving—other than the food, of course—is the time spent catching up. Our classic Lehigh Garden Conversation Set brings together the elegant design elements our Lehigh Collection is known for, creating a sophisticated, inviting spot for guests to reconnect.


Don't Forget the Grill


No one wants to be stuck in the kitchen more than necessary while guests are outside. This year, consider using your grill to take the cooking where the action is. Grilled vegetables are a favorite in the summer, so why not Thanksgiving? Give the cook a chance to socialize while moving the preparations along. For the truly daring, there are even online resources that will talk you through grilling a turkey.

Not Cool


You want your holiday to be memorable, but not for the cold mashed potatoes. Food served outdoors will cool much more quickly than it would inside, so make sure to have insulated serving dishes (preferably covered) and maybe even insulated cups/glasses to keep hot things hot.

If the temperature drops (as it’s sure to do as the day wears on), be prepared to make additional layers or even blankets available for your guests. Or better yet, move the party to the fire pit.


Light my Fire


Either after dinner—or as a way to keep guests warm—nothing beats a fire. Whether you have a permanent spot for your fires or an improvised, stone-ringed circle in a corner of the yard, the lure of a crackling fire is undeniable. Our Classic Westport Adirondack Fireside Set accentuates any fire site, and these chairs allow you to comfortably unwind in the great outdoors.



For more information about weatherproof, long-lasting furniture to accentuate your outdoor Thanksgiving, Highwood has everything you need.

Are you going to host Thanksgiving outdoors this year? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

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