Contemporary and Modern Styling for Your Patio

Contemporary and Modern Styling for Your Patio

When it comes to choosing outdoor furniture for your patio, we get that expressing your personal style is a key consideration. However, in the search for the right arrangement, it can often be hard to balance durability, comfort, and design.

Luckily, this guide can help as you consider the style aspect of your outdoor furniture selection. If you love the look of more contemporary and modern designs for your patio space, Highwood USA has modern outdoor furniture sets that will last a lifetime!


Modern Styling and Current Trends

As pricing for everything is on the rise, home and rental property owners are seeking outdoor furniture that’s functional, durable, and stylish. Many have turned to furniture with modern design features since these pieces offer an elevated sense of luxury combined with material longevity.

Outdoor furniture should be a long-term investment, and at Highwood USA, our modern styles ensure that your patio can become the eye-catching centerpiece you desire. Plus, our poly-lumber material lasts for years, giving you peace of mind, so all you need to do is sit back, relax, and invite friends over to see your beautiful space!


Italica Modern Adirondack Chairs in Black


Contemporary Styling – The Weatherly Collection

To begin with a more familiar look, contemporary styles often feature straight lines and clean, right angles in the frames. As an example, consider Highwood’s Weatherly Collection. This design family features horizontal boards on the chair backs that provide a simple, yet sophisticated feel.

The Weatherly Collection also represents a wide range of furniture types, with rocking chairs, benches, conversation sets, dining sets, and more. If you like the look of this collection, we’re sure you’ll find something that will fit right in on your patio!


2 Weatherly Garden Chairs with Square Side Table in Eucalyptus


Modern Styling – The Italica Collection

Offering a more distinctive style, the Italica Collection features extra-wide arms and back slats, along with squared frames. A bold take on timeless classics, these modern outdoor furniture pieces will look great on a patio or balcony.

To showcase a prime example, Highwood’s Italica Modern Adirondack Chair offers a contemporary twist on a beloved classic. The squared back and longer boards blend well with today’s architecture trends, but still provide the comfort you expect from Highwood furniture.


Italica Modern Adirondack Chair in Black


In addition to the Adirondack chair, the Italica Collection also includes a Double Wide Adirondack Chair, Coffee Table, Side Table, and a unique Ottoman to match the seating! We also offer combined Italica sets for instant relaxation spaces on a porch or patio.


Italica Modern Adirondack 4-Piece Set in Harbor Gray


New From Our Sister Brand – The Corolla Comfort Height Adirondack Chair

Do you ever find it tough to stand back up after spending time relaxing in your Adirondack chair? To help with this issue, our sister brand, Bahia Verde Outdoors, has created Comfort Height Adirondack Chairs with taller seats, making things easier on the body. 

The Corolla Comfort Height Adirondack Chair takes the taller seat design and combines it with modern flair. The result? A unique look taking inspiration from your favorite beachside escapes!


Corolla Comfort Height Adirondack Chair in Seaglass Blue


A Taste of Luxury – The Manhattan Beach Adirondack Chair

Inspired by luxurious Art Deco designs, our Manhattan Beach Adirondack Chair fuses glamour with traditional Adirondack style. This chair takes the best elements of the Hamilton Adirondack chair and, with its fan-shaped back, adds fresh urban style. Like the Hamilton, it has a reclining option that lets you adjust the chair back to just where you want it, and it folds for easy storage and transportation.


Manhattan Beach Adirondack Chairs in Nantucket Blue


Modern Bar and Balcony Sets – The Monroe Collection

Last, but certainly not least, if you’re in the market for modern-styled balcony sets, look to our Monroe sets! Available in either a 3-piece or 6-piece set, these kits provide both balcony tables and stools in counter-height. In terms of style, the pieces feature right angles and clean, squared-off frames.


Monroe Modern 6pc Balcony Set in Whitewash


If you want to change up the seating for your patio dining area, check out all our seating options! Our newly released Summit Bar Stool sports a square, contoured top for extra comfy seating, and the Birch Bar Stool features a more traditional, round top.

If you prefer regular bar height chairs over stools, our Weatherly Bar Height Armchair offers the same contemporary style we covered earlier, while our Hamilton Bar Height Chair features Adirondack style and comfort.


Express Your Sense of Style in Outdoor Furniture!

However you seek to personalize your outdoor patio or gathering area, we hope this guide has helped you get a sense of how some modern styles might look in your space!


Proud of your patio area? Tell us about it and send in your pictures! We love seeing what our customers create with our products!

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