Create Your Picture Perfect Pinterest Patio

Create Your Picture Perfect Pinterest Patio
JUL 22 2022

Create Your Picture Perfect Pinterest Patio


Have you ever swiped from Pinterest photo to Pinterest photo, thinking of how you might use them for inspiration? Or even better, wondering whether you could create something Pinterest-worthy yourself? Something at once on-trend, cozy, and enviable that someone would want to re-create for themselves?


You can! Showcasing your outdoor area with your @highwoodusa furniture and accessories on your patio or even balcony setting is easy and fun. Here are some tips to get you started:


Pinterest Trends

A quick look at Pinterest outdoor trends for 2022 turns up the creative use of furniture arrangements, fire pits and fireplaces, greenery and shrubbery, lighting, and colorful accessories like cushions, pillows and wall hangings. Best of all, these elements are easily incorporated into your own picture-perfect arrangement!



Consider Your Setting

Take a look at your outdoor area. Are there distinct features such as a tile design, windows, or a fire pit that you can use in your design, or that can become a focal point? If your space is a balcony, consider using a corner or incorporating an interesting view.



Your @highwoodusa Furniture

Next, consider the highwood® pieces you already own or that you might like to add to your collection.  Adirondack Chairs are a perennial favorite. They come in a variety of styles and silhouettes, like the Classic Westport, Italica Modern, or Manhattan Beach, so you can consider a profile—straight lines or a rounded top, for example—that complements the lines of a fence, tile work, or your house. Mix in a larger chair such as the Italica Modern Double Wide for variety and photographic perspective. Add matching, foldable ottomans with the straight or curved lines of your chairs to further enhance the setting.



Perhaps you would like to build your photo around a highwood® picnic table.  Your Pinterest shot could even include a cozy dinner setting or colorful tableware.

Include your favorite smaller pieces, such as an elegant highwood® planter (or two) in the height, shape, and length that will complement your furniture and the environment. Next, place highwood® coffee- and side tables where you can top them with lamps, floral arrangements, or even pieces of art. 

If your Pinterest image is likely to be taken in the daytime, consider elements that work in the sunlight, such as a highwood®  pergola that casts interesting shadows while providing shade; or choose an umbrella that will fit in the center hole of most highwood® tables or can be set into a planter if space is at a premium.


Put Yourself in the Director's Chair

Once you know the essential elements that will be in your shot, it’s time to put yourself in the director’s chair. Consider what will make the best “frame” for your shot.  Try different distances—move up close or farther back to create a close-up or wide-angle shot. Try different perspectives: crouch down low to get a shot looking up or climb on something to create a shot looking down. Once you have an idea, you might want to move some of your pieces around, lining them up against a wall, for example, or arranging them around a fire pit.



You might try framing your photo so pieces are off to one side for a varied look, or use just a portion of a table or umbrella for a unique set of shapes.

Don’t forget about the light! Look at your setting at different times of day to see how the light changes the tones and the shadows, and if you plan to take your shot at night, plan where you might place lanterns, candles, string lights, or lamps to create the atmosphere you desire.





Once you have an idea of your frame, it’s time to think of accessories such as cushions and pillows with patterns and colors that complement the furniture pieces. Vases, unusual table-top planters, and sculptural pieces can add to the décor. You might even try a portable fire pit if you don’t have an in-ground pit or fireplace.  In all of these cases, if you’re shooting at night, fire can offer especially dramatic lighting.




This year, many Pinterest trends are based on monochromatic looks or earth tones and warm colors, but color combinations are up to you, and your taste may run to the brighter or mixed color side. Anything goes, after all! And don’t forget that when you are shopping for just the right highwood® piece, you can request color swatches in advance to make sure you’re setting the tone you want.



Final Tip

Remember, the key to your “pin-able” Pinterest photo is whether or not the viewer can see themselves enjoying the setting with their own families and guests. Make sure you’re conveying a warm and comfortable setting day or night and let people’s imaginations take it from there!


What do you like to pin most on Pinterest? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

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