Does highwood® Pass the Pet-and-Toddler Test?

Does highwood® Pass the Pet-and-Toddler Test?
FEB 17 2023

Does highwood® Pass the Pet-and-Toddler Test?


We love our pets. And we adore our children. We want to keep them safe, and sometimes we want to keep our furniture safe from them, too.

No worries from highwood® on both counts!

When you buy outdoor furniture, you want the whole family to enjoy it. That’s one reason why highwood® designs prioritize comfort and safety. In fact, our main mission is to create furniture for the WHOLE family—pets and kids included!

Here are some things we want you to know:


Safety First

If you have a toddler at home, you know they move fast, love to climb on things, and are eager to explore new objects and surfaces. Things can get particularly worrisome when you’re outdoors, even if your backyard is fenced in. Everything is an attraction—a tree, a rock, a squirrel. Plus, there is the freedom of being able to run around in a way they can’t indoors. 

What you don’t have to worry about is your highwood® furniture; we’ve already anticipated important safety concerns.


First: edges! Sharp edges on furniture are among the leading sources of injuries for toddlers and can be a dangerous hazard. Highwood® furniture has rounded, routed edges that are not only safe, they do double duty by adding style to your outdoor space.



Then there are the splinters that are often found in rough, dried-out wood (and sometimes even plastic). Our furniture will never splinter or crack.

Finally, if you’ve ever sat on an outdoor chair with exposed metal on a sunny day, you know it can be unexpectedly hot (and certainly not relaxing!). These situations can be even more dangerous for toddlers, who may not be able to move away from hot surfaces as quickly as an adult can. Highwood® furniture is crafted from high-grade poly lumber, meaning it never gets hot enough to burn you or your family. You can lounge in the sun worry-free.


Easy to Clean

Another concern when it comes to pets, small children, and outdoor furniture is dirt, especially when it has accumulated over time in cracks and small spaces. Our furniture is easy to clean, stain resistant, and downright durable.

Simply fill a bucket with hot water and dish soap, then grab a rag and wipe surfaces clean. If any dirt remains, use a soft bristle brush for a light scrub. Finally, rinse with fresh, clean water. That’s it! No need to sweat spills, crayon markings, or crumbs. Every parent knows that accidents happen, so why not choose a brand that makes clean-up easy?

For more information on how best to care for Highwood® furniture, check out our care and maintenance guide!



Additionally, it’s a well-known fact that pets love our furniture. Luckily, our durable material resists anything an animal can do to it, from small lapdogs to larger breeds like collies and labs. With a 400 lb. weight capacity, even your biggest furry friends can sit for a spell. You may even find yourself having to shoo them off to sit down yourself!



We Pass

All in all, highwood® gets an A+ on the pet-and-toddler test. Whether you’re hosting family and friends for an outdoor meal, having a birthday party, or gathering around the firepit, our furniture is a safe (and fun!) zone for children and pets.


What do you love most about your outdoor furniture? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

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  • Marsha Deane

    I love my Highland furniture.It is so comfortable with chair high seating snd wide arms to rest your iced tea or whatever you’re enjoying.mine is like an English garden style. Looking forward to many years enjoyment. We live at the coast with hot sun and windy conditions sometimes. Also don’t worry about it blowing away.

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