How to Choose the Best Porch Swing for Your Home

How to Choose the Best Porch Swing for Your Home
APR 14 2023

How to Choose the Best Porch Swing for Your Home


There are certain products that can truly change the atmosphere of a space. Porch swings are a great example! Perfect for lazy afternoons, chatting with friends, or simply stealing a few minutes for yourself, nothing says relaxation quite like a porch swing; they are ideal for enjoying the outdoors in a leisurely way.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a swing, highwood® has a variety of options to choose from. We’ve compiled an overview of our swings to help you as you visualize your space, as well as tips to keep in mind to get the most out of your purchase.


Thinking Ahead

While porch swings are a great investment, it’s important to think about size before purchasing. Our swings don’t take up too much room, but you should be sure to measure your space to make sure there are no surprises. This includes confirming there is enough room for a full swinging motion (which is, after all, the point!).

Our four-foot swings are perfect for two people (ideal for date night), while our five-foot swings allow for more room for lounging and are great for sharing with family members. If you have outdoor pillows and blankets, there’s even enough room to lie down on the larger swing. Grab a book to read while you rock gently in the breeze, propped up on a pillow. And for those who enjoy a bit of solitude, our Single Seat Swings are excellent for solo lounging and come in a number of styles.



Make sure you have the proper location and support to hang the swing. You may have a covered porch or pergola where you plan to install it, but if not, consider purchasing an A-frame. Our porch swing stand can be placed anywhere in your yard, and it accommodates both four- and five-foot swings. Regardless of where you hang it, all highwood© swings are weatherproof, so they can be left outside in rain, snow, and sun, all year long. No need for extra storage!


Choosing Your Style

While all of our swings share the same characteristics and qualities our brand is known for—beauty, durability, and high-grade poly lumber that evokes real wood—each of our styles is unique.

Our Lehigh Porch Swing—the most traditional—features classic backing and charming, sophisticated details. While its style makes it an especially good fit if you’re going for a farmhouse chic look in your space, it fits in well in pretty much any environment. Plus, its contoured seat provides serious comfort, and it’s available in four-foot, five-foot, and single-seat sizes.



For those looking for something with a more contemporary edge, our Weatherly should do the trick. Like our Lehigh swings, it’s available in all three sizes and has a contoured seat, but the Weatherly features contemporary, slatted backing that embodies the sleek styling of our whole Weatherly collection.



And for those who love an Adirondack chair or who favor a coastal look, we recommend our Classic Westport Porch Swing. The back of this swing, which is curved in the trademark style of an Adirondack chair (another great choice for date night), is slightly higher than our other options. This swing is not available in the five-foot option.



On Color

Like the style you choose, color can make a big difference in your space. Luckily, most highwood© swings come in a wide variety of colors. From lighter, more neutral tones such as Eucalyptus, Harbor Gray, or Coastal Teak, to bolder choices such as Federal Blue or Rustic Red, you’ll have plenty of options.

For more inspiration, check out what other customers have done with their swings in our Garden Benches and Swings Gallery!


What Porch Swing style do you prefer? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

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