Introducing the New Oasis Fire Pit Table!

Introducing the New Oasis Fire Pit Table!

In the spirit of Spring warmth, we’re heating things up at Highwood: we’re excited to announce the launch of our brand-new Oasis Fire Table!

Crafted with our realistic and durable poly-lumber paneling, this propane-fueled fire pit table will be the ideal centerpiece for late-evening gatherings in your backyard, on your patio, or in an outdoor dining area.

Just add chairs, and you’ll have the perfect conversation space where you and your loved ones can roast marshmallows, enjoying idyllic fireside chats.


Exterior Paneling

To begin, we’ll highlight the paneling used on the exterior of the fire pit. Our proprietary poly-lumber gives a natural aesthetic to the Oasis table that turns your patio into an instant hit.

Unlike metal or other synthetic materials, our high-quality paneling looks just like the real thing, down to an embossed wood-grain texture. Protected from the heat, our poly lumber lasts for years, and is super easy to maintain. At the start of the season, just give it a quick scrub with soap and water, and it will look like new! Check out our general care guide for more information on how to maintain our material.


Oasis Fire table Close-Up in Coastal Teak


Wood-Tone Colors

The Oasis Fire Pit table comes in four different wood-tone color choices to give your patio some natural flair. Choose from Weathered Acorn, Coastal Teak, Black, or Whitewash. With this selection, you’re sure to find something that complements your outdoor hosting area.


Oasis Fire Table in Whitewash


With our realistic looking material, you don’t need to worry about fading colors either. Both the material itself and the lifelike colors will last for years, thanks to UV inhibitors that prevent fading in bright sunlight. To get a sense of the colors and material in person before you decide, check out our color swatches!

Additionally, highwood® is pleased to offer a variety of outdoor chairs and tables in matching colors to the Oasis Fire Pit. Browse our catalog today and create your own fire pit gathering area!


The Main Attraction

Moving on to the flame itself, our Oasis table is powered by propane (not included). Included in the set are glass stones, which allow for a refracted view of the flames. Unlike darker fire rocks, the glass remains clear and scorch-mark free, making cleaning and maintenance that much easier.



The kit also comes with a glass guard to protect hands and fingers from the heat. This ensures that both kids and adults alike can roast marshmallows safely, while keeping drinks and snacks on the table surface.

When not in use, a steel lid fits over the glass to keep the fire area clean. During inclement weather, a rain cover will keep the crucial components safe, along with your overall investment in fireside socializing.


Oasis Fire Table in Weathered Acorn


Perfect Centerpiece for Gatherings

When it comes to enjoying time with friends and family, nothing beats time outdoors, and sitting around a fire is one of the best ways to enjoy nature. Bonfires are great, but are limited to the yard, and may be impossible depending on your space and local guidelines.

With the Oasis Fire Pit Table, your fireside gatherings can come closer to the house. Use it as a focal point on a patio, large deck, or as a fireplace in an outdoor kitchen area.

For seating, Adirondack chairs are a perfect complement. In terms of style, we recommend the Italica Modern Adirondack chair in a matching color, but feel free to browse the Adirondack collection and see what sticks out to you!

We recently launched a bundle of four Italica chairs and the Oasis Fire Pit. Craft a stylish gathering area all at once with matching colors and sleek design!


Italica Modern Adirondack 5-Piece Conversation Set with Fire Pit Table in Black


To complete your fire pit area, consider adding some tables to provide extra space for outdoor essentials. Our side tables can hold drinks and snacks, and offer the flexibility of being close to your chair. Conversation tables grant additional space for games and larger plates.

Speaking of plates, if you want to add your fire pit to an outdoor kitchen or dining area, our bar and counter height furniture pieces can serve as excellent pairings. Browse our bar and balcony furniture to see what would look best with a fire pit table in your space!

We hope you’re excited to craft your own fire pit area on in your backyard space!


What are some special touches you’d add to a fire pit? Let us know in the comments!

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