Make a Grand Entrance

Make a Grand Entrance
FEB 18 2022

Make a Grand Entrance

It’s been said that your home is your castle—and what better way to usher in family, friends, and guests than through an entrance that conveys your style, your imagination, and most of all your warmest welcome?


It’s been said that your home is your castle—and what better way to usher in family, friends, and guests than through an entrance that conveys your style, your imagination, and most of all your warmest welcome?

The approach to your house is the first impression your visitors will have; you need to make it grand.

Your own grand entrance sets an image from the street to your doorway and should reflect your choices and personality. Luckily, Highwood is here to help, with a versatile collection that you can mix and match to fit your own unique style.

The View from the Curb

This is your first opportunity to set your house apart, and it truly does start at the curb. Begin with a Hazleton Mailbox Post, available in seven colors and built to last with our unique high-grade poly lumber that makes it impervious to wind and weather.



Make it Floral

If you’d like to show off your green thumb, select the Beckett or Harlowe planter to bring color and life to your front walkway. Both offer the look of wood and the rugged longevity of these weatherproof polyethylene. Position a pair of planters to showcase your walkway entrance, or line them up as a hedge of greenery marking the way.

If you want to take your planters to the next level, think about adding some seasonal flourishes. Make a colorful splash with some impatiens or other annuals, small evergreens for a year-round touch, or add Winterberry with noble fir and pine in December for some holiday flair.

Sit Awhile

Maybe your front-yard time tends to be more social—chatting with neighbors, waiting for the school bus, or watching the world go by. Lucky for you, inviting front yard spaces are trending! Create a front-lawn seating area with a Set of Two Essential Adirondack Chairs, now available in three charming colors. If you have the room, go even bigger, maybe with Four Classic Westport Adirondack Chairs with Two Side Tables. You might even find that your front yard becomes the gathering spot for the whole neighborhood!



If your idea of a grand look is more about benches than chairs, try the Lehigh Garden Bench and relax in comfort in these elegant pieces.

The Front Porch

Your front porch is equal parts grand entrance and window to the world. It offers a place to spend lazy afternoons with tea in hand, reading a good book, or enjoying friendly conversation—all while welcoming visitors with elegance, sophistication, and class.


Get Swinging

For generations, porch swings have been a favorite of children and adults alike. They can be the perfect setting for family photos as you capture candid shots of swinging toddlers, socializing teenagers, and even adults holding your “grand” children!

For the perfect swing setting, try the Lehigh or the Weatherly, both of which are available in 4- and 5-foot lengths and a variety of colors. No matter the weather, these swings can take it. Highwood’s high-grade poly lumber means no splinters, and it looks just like wood.



Don’t forget to add the perfect cushion for extra comfort and a colorful focal point. From firecracker red to cobalt blue and more, these cushions are stain-, water- and UV-resistant, so you can swing in comfort and enjoy!

Window Boxes

Or try the Beckett Window Box, available in 3-, 4-, or 5-foot sizes and an assortment of colors, it’s ready for colorful seasonal plantings or perennial touches. With annuals, your home will announce each new season to passersby. And if you install window boxes on your second floor and throughout the front of your house, your grand entrance will become a wonderful façade, with window boxes, planters and other elements making a bold, stylish statement.

All in all, the choices are endless, and they’re all yours. Swing by the Highwood USA website for tips, tricks, ideas, and inspiration to make your entrance grand indeed.

What is your pro tip to making a grand entrance? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

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