New Year—New Space to LOVE

New Year—New Space to LOVE
JAN 06 2023

New Year – New Outdoor Space to LOVE


What New Year’s resolutions are you making this year? We would like to suggest that you include creating a new outdoor space you can live in, love, and enjoy all year long.


Did you create a new space last year? If not, that’s all the more reason to shift your imagination to a new spot for 2023! If you refurnished your backyard or deck space last year, why not focus on the front porch this year, maybe with a new swing and rocking chair from highwood®?


Transform Your First Impression

Front porches are your guests’ “first impression” of your home. They also are a relaxing place to sit with your friends and family as you while away the hours watching the world go by. 

Two pieces in particular that offer the perfect way to relax on your front porch with your loved ones, are highwood’s swings and rocking chairs. Porch swings are a front porch essential. They literally have “porch” in their name, and if you’ve resolved to do more reading this year, pairing a swing and rocking chair will create the perfect nook to help you reach your literary goals.


Swing and Rocker Pair Well

For a great look, select a swing and rocker in the same style family, such as the straight-backed Weatherly Rocking Chair and Single Seat, 4 ft- or 5 ft Weatherly Porch Swing. Choose an accent color such as Rustic Red, or a dignified Nantucket Blue. Matching sets can also include the Classic Westport Porch Swing, paired with the Classic Westport Adirondack Rocking Chair, or the charming sophistication of our  4 ft- or 5 ft Lehigh Single Swing and the Lehigh Rocking Chair.     



Renew Your Front Yard

A few steps down from the porch, your front yard can also take on a new appearance. Look around—did your mailbox post lose the battle with the snowplow during the recent storms? Upgrade to our high-grade poly lumber Hazelton Mailbox Post, which comes in a variety of colors and will withstand any snowstorm we may experience this winter or in the years ahead. You might even opt for a bright Rustic Red here, too, so the mail carrier will be sure to remember where you are.


New Shutters Add Charm

As you stand back and look at your porch and mailbox post, you might also want to take in a wider view and look at the entirety of the front of your home. One way to give your house a charming new look is with our Stonecroft Shutters. They come in a variety of sizes and are ready to paint to perfectly complement your existing trim.



Back in Your Garden

If you meant to redo your backdoor deck last year and never quite got to it, this is the time to say “out” with your old, weathered garden furniture and “in” with some new pieces to make the area snap. highwood has the best, most durable garden benches, chairs, and garden planters to mix and match with your preferred color and style.


We understand that it can be hard to envision a lush summer garden while it’s covered with snow. Now is the perfect time to decide what you will be planting this spring, though. Will you focus on vegetables, flowers, or maybe both in different areas of your yard. As you are planning, think about adding a chair or bench to offer the best view of your roses, or create a handy place to hold your tools while you’re gardening. 


Time for a Bonfire

Once you’ve mapped out your garden, consider the rest of your backyard.  Perhaps this is the time to create the backyard bonfire setup you’ve always wanted! Add our top-rated Adirondack Chairs, or expand the tableau with our Classic Westport Adirondack Fireside Set.  The Fireside Set surrounds your firepit with multiple chairs, tables, and ottomans so friends and family can gather around for s’mores and ghost stories. It’s great to think of a bonfire setup at this time of year, too—you just might be able to bundle up and use it on a warmish winter night.



Benches and Chairs

For both your garden and your yard, highwood garden benches come in Lehigh, Weatherly, and Hamilton styles; all in 4 ft and 5 ft lengths and a variety of colors. Picnic benches, with no arms or backs, come in the straight-legged Lehigh style with a contoured seat, or the Weatherly style with A-frame shaped legs—also in 4 ft or 5 ft lengths. Garden benches work well in arrangements with any of our large selection of our Lehigh, Weatherly, or Westport chairs.  For a bit of fancy to complement your colorful flowers, try ordering different pieces in the same styles but different colors.


Family Nights Al Fresco

And while we’re talking about the backyard, maybe you’ve resolved to spend more time as a family this year. If so, your patio is an ideal place to turn. Dining al fresco—perhaps for a fun barbecue—is just the thing to bring the everyone together. Consider one of our dining sets as the foundation to make Family Night happen. Offering square, round, and rectangular tables in a variety of sizes, and including four to six chairs, the sets come in an assortment of styles and colors to complement the style of your home and your other outdoor furniture.



Added Versatility

Garden planters can serve double or even triple duty in your garden or yard. You can plant flowers as an extension of the garden or use them on walkways to accentuate a path. Use them on the front stairs to give your entryway a whole new look, or on a balcony to provide a place to grow summer vegetables.  Their versatility means they can add to a whole new look every year.


Enjoy a "New" New Year

So, here’s to keeping your resolution to be “new” in this New Year. With a bit of creative thinking and a few highwood pieces to choose from, you’ll transform your outside spaces for now and the future.

Happy New Year from highwood!


What outdoor space are you revamping this year? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

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