The Best Patio and Outdoor Picnic Furniture to Get Ready for the Fourth of July!

The Best Patio and Outdoor Picnic Furniture to Get Ready for the Fourth of July!

Summer is here, and before you know it, it will be time to start planning your Fourth of July celebration! However, before you can get all the burgers, hot dogs, charcoal, and fireworks ready, you’ll need a place where everyone can enjoy the festivities.

To help you prepare, we’ve created this guide for the best outdoor picnic and patio furniture you can get for July 4th parties. All of our outdoor furniture is made right here in the USA, and with sturdy, all-weather craftsmanship, you’ll find some of the best furniture for the Fourth of July in our catalog.

Read on for our favorite celebration sets, plus a few decorating tips for the big day!


Outdoor Dining

Next to fireworks, your Fourth of July barbeque will be the main event when everyone gathers. Besides stocking charcoal and making sure the grill is good to go, you’ll want an outdoor dining space that’s large enough for everyone to enjoy.

Depending on your expected crowd, you’ll need lots of seating, and our dining sets are your best friend in that regard. For the most table seating, we recommend a bigger set like our Weatherly 42in x 84in Dining Set. This large dining bundle comes with 6 chairs around an oversized dining table


Weatherly 7pc Rectangular Dining Set in Coastal Teak


These 7-piece bundles are also available in our Hamilton and Lehigh design collections, and come in a taller counter height in addition to the standard dining height.

Lots of guests coming to your cookout? Benches and other chairs can be used as eating space too ( this reads a little weird to me I would probably say ‘can be used to expand your dining area’! Our backless picnic benches are great for some extra seating when the tables are full. As an example, our Weatherly 5ft Backless Bench seats up to 3, and sports a modern design. Our Lehigh style is also available for backless benches. If desired, you can choose a 4ft length for either look.


Oversized Rectangular Dining Table with 2 Weatherly Backless Benches in Federal Blue


If you’ve run out of table space, you can still add seating throughout your backyard. Our garden chairs are perfect for scattered seating around the grilling area. For instance, 2 Weatherly Garden Chairs will provide plenty of eating room when paired with a side table. The table itself may be smaller, but still grants enough space for 2 plates if both chairs are in use.


Picnic Tables

The picnic table is a classic picture of Fourth of July picnics. At Highwood USA, our Hometown Picnic Table is made from the same all-weather poly lumber as the rest of our furniture, so you know it’s a long-term investment!


Hometown Picnic Table in Whitewash


Year after year, all you’ll need to do is give it a quick wash with soap and water, and it will look good as new. Drape a tablecloth, slice the watermelons, and get the paper plates, and this sturdy picnic table will be an amazing centerpiece at your July 4th cookout!


Outdoor Bar Sets

For additional seating ideas, our outdoor bar furniture pieces can set the scene for socializing. These elevated sets come with stools instead of our regular chairs, offering an ideal setting for smaller groups.

These sets are perfect for some extra places to eat during your cookout. Later on, the taller stools can provide some elevated seating to enjoy fireworks, and can also serve as a space for a few drinks after the show.

Our outdoor bar sets are available in two styles: the modern Monroe design, and our more traditional Lehigh family. We also have two additional styles for bar stools available: our Birch Stool and our Summit Stool.


Summit Square Bar Height Stool in Rustic Red




Outdoor Conversation Sets

Speaking of socializing, our conversation furniture helps provide space for guests to stay a little longer, talking the evening away. An ideal social space features a mix of tables and chairs, and depending on the weather, may include a lit fire pit.


4 Classic Westport Adirondack Chairs with 2 Side Tables in Federal Blue


To get started, mix some deck or garden chairs in with side tables, or a central conversation table. Many of our conversation furniture pieces are available in kitted sets, allowing you to set up a nice gathering area all at once.  

If the weather holds, you may want to end the night with a bonfire or fire pit gathering. For a central bonfire pit, a ring of Adirondack chairs and tables is a great way to kick back and relax.

Our Classic Westport Fireside Set provides 6 chairs and 3 tables for shared space. For beach lovers, we also offer the Cape Classic Fireside Set from Bahia Verde Outdoors!

If you want some extra comfort to end the evening, our Deep Seating Sets come fully equipped with outdoor cushions in multiple color varieties. Like our regular conversation bundles, many of these sets come with tables and chairs for a complete patio furniture arrangement. Check them out today!


Enjoy the Fireworks with Adirondack Chairs!

Adirondack Chairs are the classic image of American relaxation, so what better way to enjoy Fourth of July fireworks than from the comfort of an Adirondack Chair! We go in depth on choosing the right Adirondack chair for your space in a recent blog post, so feel free to look it over and browse the Adirondack collection.

For viewing fireworks, we recommend the Hamilton Adirondack Chair and Ottoman combo. The Hamilton features the classic look of the iconic Adirondack chair, but includes a reclining frame that lets you lean back for the optimal relaxation position. This will be especially helpful for firework viewing since you may need to lean your neck to look up.

The ottoman lets you put your feet up as you watch the festivities, so you can enjoy the fireworks in ultimate comfort!


Decorations and Party Essentials

Last, but not least, we’ll talk about the ideal decorations for your Fourth of July celebration. The quintessential red, white, and blue of the American flag can be displayed in tablecloths, lights, balloons, miniature flags, and more!

When it comes time to viewing fireworks, you may also want to add in some blankets (unless the heat would prohibit it) and pillows. Since you will likely be leaning back and looking up to enjoy the fireworks display, neck pillows might be another good idea to keep things as comfortable as possible.  

To add some fun to the mix, outdoor party games are key. Popular picks include cornhole and Kan Jam. If desired, you can also get some board games ready in your patio space (another great way to use our conversation tables!).

For additional party décor and game ideas, check out this Pinterest page with some unique options, including a few craft ideas for the kiddos!


Happy Fourth of July from all of us at Highwood USA!

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