Tips and Tricks for an Intimate Backyard Wedding

Tips and Tricks for an Intimate Backyard Wedding
MAR 03 2023

Tips and Tricks for an Intimate Backyard Wedding


Wedding season is upon us. With summer on the horizon, some of us may be thinking about warm days and summer festivities, including those most celebratory of parties—weddings!

If you’re lucky enough to have a wedding to plan, why not consider holding the ceremony in your backyard? The perks of a backyard wedding are many (and the cost is significantly less).    

Getting married in a location that is meaningful to you and your partner, such as where one of you grew up, can make for an extra-special day. Perhaps most importantly, being in a place you feel comfortable in can minimize the inevitable stresses that come with planning a wedding.

To help keep things organized—and fun!—check out our tips and tricks below.


Readying Your Home and Backyard Space

From a design perspective, you might center the ceremony around a focal point in your yard. Do you have a tree beneath which you could say “I do”? How about a garden or an open, grassy space? Once that’s settled, it will be easier to decide how and where to arrange seating, food and drink, and other details. 

To minimize stress closer to the time, think about preparing your yard well in advance. Visualize the space as you’d like to see it, and be sure to stay on top of the weeding and planting. Do you have a color scheme? A particular bloom that would look nice on the day? These might help to direct your planting strategies.



Be prepared by making sure you have a plan for parking. Think about where all the cars will go; make sure there’s ample parking, whether on the street, in neighbors’ driveways, or—if you live in a rural place—in a field.

Speaking of neighbors, be sure to communicate your plans with them in advance. It’s a thoughtful gesture to give your closest neighbors a contact name and number, in case issues arise. After all, in a way, you will be sharing their space.

We also suggest considering renting a tent in case it rains. If you don’t opt for a tent, be sure to have contingency plans in case of inclement weather.


Fun Touches

With all the logistics that come with planning a big event, don’t forget to have fun! It can be especially enjoyable to develop details and small touches, since this is often where you can get creative.

Highwood® suggests creating a lounge area somewhere in your yard for after the ceremony, where your guests can sit back and relax. Our Classic Westport Adirondack Chairs, with their elegant shape, recall lighthouses and harbor towns, and are ideal for relaxation. Plus, they come in a variety of rich colors—from Eucalyptus to Nantucket Blue—which are sure to look good in photos.



A homemade banner can be another fun way to add a personal twist to your décor. If you have an artistic friend or family member, perhaps they can create a fun and celebratory design with your names or initials to hang over the bar or under a tent, or at the entrance to a parking area. This can also be a fun activity for kids, and can add color and pop to traditional whites.

Finally, for an interactive element during cocktail hour, or even as guests are arriving, set up an area for croquet, cornhole, and other lawn games. While you’re at it, why not get that artistic friend to paint cornhole boards in your wedding colors, or find a way to incorporate your initials into the design? There’s sure to be a guest who will kick things off!



There is no end to the inspiring, creative ways to make this special day your very own. Remember to start planning as early as possible, let your vision be your guide, and have fun!


What do you love most about your outdoor furniture? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

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