Wine and Dine: Creating a Cozy Outdoor Wine Tasting Corner

Wine and Dine: Creating a Cozy Outdoor Wine Tasting Corner

Spring is getting close, and for those of us who love a good glass of wine in the evening, we begin to dream of when we can spend those first warm evenings out on the balcony. However, what if your balcony or deck needs an update?

In this guide, we’ll offer our suggestions on the best furniture for a wine sipping area on your outdoor balcony or deck area!


Quality Materials

Spring brings warmer air, but not every evening will be ideal for open-air dining. Spring also means more rain (hence the phrase, “April Showers bring May flowers”). As you plan your balcony upgrade, it’s important to consider materials that won’t degrade easily from heavy rain or wind, and while real wood may look nice, it sadly doesn’t last. Metal is sturdier, and can give a sophisticated feel, but can also tarnish or rust with excess rain and moisture.

As an increasingly popular outdoor furniture material, poly lumber doesn’t always look cheap or fake. At Highwood USA, our American-made poly lumber features a wood-grain texture that looks just as good as the real deal.


Federal Blue High-Grade Poly Lumber


Unlike true wood, our material is easy to clean and maintain, giving you and your family years of memories on your balcony, deck, or patio arrangement. When the Spring rains come, rest assured that your poly lumber outdoor furniture will still look good as new by the end of the season.


Modern or Traditional?

When picking outdoor furniture for a wine tasting area, consider what kind of style you might want to incorporate. Are you more of a modern design person, or do you prefer more traditional looks for your furniture?

Luckily, at Highwood USA, we have both! Our Monroe Balcony Sets include counter-height tables and stools that feature modern, squared frames and tops. This design offers an elegant, bold look that forms a great pairing with an evening Rosé wine. Each set is available in hues of White, Gray, Brown, Black, and Dark blue.


Monroe Modern 6pc Balcony Set in Coastal Teak


For more traditional styling, look to our Lehigh balcony sets. Available in either Bar or Counter height, the Lehigh version is designed with more rounded tops that keep things classy. These sets are also currently available in more color options, so pick the pairing that works best with your yard scenery!


Lehigh Counter Height 6pc Balcony Set in Whitewash


If you like mixing things up with different styles, we have a variety of options for you to browse! Our newly released Summit and Birch stools can grant a unique feel to pair with our bar height tables. The Summit stool sports a contoured, square seat, and the Birch stool features a round top that brings to mind a quintessential bar stool. Additionally, we are working on new round bar height tables to match with the stools. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when they’re available!


Lighting Options and Décor

Any outdoor dining area isn’t complete without the right lighting. For a romantic evening, consider candles, paired with a speaker or stereo system to set the mood with slow music. This could be a great way to prepare a favorite dinner for your anniversary as an alternative to eating out, or just as a special meal for a significant other.


Monroe Modern Balcony 6pc Set-Up


For a beach-themed wine tasting evening, tiki torches, strings of flower lights, and plastic palms create the feel of sipping wine by a tropical beach.


Lehigh 6pc Counter Height Balcony Set Set-Up


At any time of the season, look for decorative string lights and some potted plants that work well with your scenery. For warmer evenings, citronella candles are aesthetically pleasing light sources that can also keep bugs away.


Lehigh 3pc Bar Height Balcony Set Set-Up



Wines to Try

Before we end, we want to offer suggestions for wines to try in your new balcony space. Read on for some new (or old) favorites to try this Spring!


White Wines

With crisp, refreshing qualities, white wines are a go-to in warmer weather. Once things heat up a little, dry wines are often recommended for their acidity and refreshing taste. In an article from Real Simple, wine expert Christopher Hoel recommends wines such as pinot gris or Chablis chardonnay.

Rosé Wines

Another warm-weather favorite, Rosé wines offer characteristics of both white and red wines. This type of wine is extremely versatile, offering a refreshing, dry flavor all year long, not exclusively in the warmer months. For chillier Spring days, darker rosés are recommended for their heavier weight.

Red Wines

Though usually reserved for colder months, red wines aren’t totally out once Spring comes around. When chosen correctly, red wines are great on more brisk Spring days. According to Hoel, medium and lighter-bodies red wines are best for warmer days because of their higher acidity. Wines like pinot noir, tempranillo, or grenache pair excellently with lighter Spring foods.


A Fresh Take on an Old Favorite: Mead

When you think of the word “mead”, you might immediately associate it with Vikings or the Middle Ages. However, despite being one of the most ancient forms of alcoholic beverage (perhaps the oldest, in fact!) mead is starting to make a comeback. Although not technically a wine, mead, formed from honey rather than grapes, shares a very similar process.

As the season for blooming flowers, mead is an excellent choice for Springtime sipping on your balcony. To get started with trying mead, here are a few suggestions for producers in the US:


We hope you’ve enjoyed our suggestions on a Spring wine tasting area!


What will you be sipping on your balcony or deck this Spring? Let us know in the comments!

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