Set Sail For Bahia Verde Outdoors

Bahia Verde Outdoors Brand Logo

Introducing our newest brand: Bahia Verde Outdoors! These furniture items are inspired by pristine shorelines, riverside towns, and coastal lighthouse architecture, and are designed to help you create your own personal paradise wherever you want it to be. 

Featuring Adirondack chairs, benches, tables, and more, you can find plenty of ways to beautify a beach or lake house, but they aren’t only made as beach furniture staples: add them to a backyard to whip up a slice of the shore anywhere you desire!

You can now shop the Bahia Verde Outdoors product line directly on the highwood® website. See the collection HERE


Same Value, Different Aesthetic

It may have a different look, but the quality you can expect from Bahia Verde is on the same level as what you love from highwood® outdoor furniture. Like highwood®, Bahia Verde furniture is weather resistant, lasting through coastal rain, wind, and sand, as well as cold and snow found inland. Easy to maintain and long-lasting, you can spend more time relaxing and less time sanding or staining your chairs and tables. 

Vibrant Colors that Evoke Paradise

Bahia Verde Outdoors Garden Chair

From Sunbeam Yellow, to Seaglass Blue, to Cabana Tan, the vivid, tropical color choices that characterize Bahia Verde will define your relaxation haven. To see how the material looks in person, you can pick up Bahia Verde product swatches just like you can for highwood®. Let these colorful furniture sets make your beach house pop!

Proudly Keeping America Beautiful 

Made In USA Bahia Verde Icon

No matter what brand it’s under, we are committed to making all our outdoor furniture 100% in the USA. Since we took our inspiration from pristine American shorelines, rivers, and lakes, it’s fitting that all Bahia Verde pieces are crafted from eco-friendly HDPE poly lumber. This means that the plastic we use in our products stays out of landfills and waterways, keeping them beautiful for you to enjoy with your Bahia Verde furniture.