The Perfect Backyard Tailgate Party

The Perfect Backyard Tailgate Party
SEP 16 2022

The Perfect Backyard Tailgate Party


Yes, the leaves are starting to turn, and the air is getting chilly, but just because summer is on the wane doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Instead, the tail end of summer means football and a tail of a different kind—the perfect after or pre-game tailgate party!


Whether it’s in the stadium parking lot or your own backyard, what better way to celebrate your team than a party? You might say that the perfect tailgate party is built on three F’s: your (outdoor) furniture, football, and food.



Start with comfortable outdoor furniture you can lounge on and relax as you gear up for the big game. If you’re setting up in the parking lot, or even the park—or if you just want to rearrange your space for the occasion--you want mobile pieces that are easy to transport and reposition. Think folding pieces such as highwood® side tables, ottomans, and folding chairs.


The Essential Folding Ottoman folds flat in a snap and easily fits into a car or truck. You can carry it with you from chair to chair so that you always have a place to rest your legs. The Folding Adirondack Side Table is just as light and handy.  It collapses easily, which means you’ll always have a space to set down your tailgate essentials like food or drinks. Use it for a lantern, bug zapper, or even a laptop or projector to watch the game outdoors.




There is also the King Hamilton Folding & Reclining Adirondack Chair, which lets you bring oversized and adjustable comfort to any setting.


Of course, the ottoman, table, and chair also work together. What’s more, you may already own these pieces as part of a set on your property but haven’t yet taken them along for a ride. Make this the year you get the most of your portable pieces.


Your Own Backyard

Maybe you’re hosting your own tailgate. What better piece than highwood®’s Hometown Picnic Table with room for friends and fans alike? Or choose from our wide array of dining sets, including tables, chairs, and more in shapes and styles that take your space from tailgate to everyday and back again.



Setting the Scene

And then there’s football. Decorate the scene in your team’s colors with streamers between the trees, table runners, tableware, and colored buckets full of plastic utensils. You might use (or make!) a centerpiece with the colors or paint a pumpkin or gourd arrangement. 


You can even support your team with the colors of your furniture itself. Order a box of our color swatches to see all your options, and remember that furniture colors can be mixed and matched to create a nod to your favorite team.



Remember to have a few footballs on hand to toss back and forth to get your guests in the mood.


Time to Eat

Highwood also has you covered when it’s time to turn to the heart of any gathering—the food!


If the tailgate is for an early game, invite people over for a morning meal before they head to the stadium or before the big game comes on TV. Throw some pancakes, bacon, and sausage on the griddle—most grills have a griddle attachment, after all—and create a mimosa bar to liven the festivities. Or make it a coffee and hot chocolate bar to help everyone warm up.


If the tailgate is in the afternoon or evening, go classic with hamburgers and hot dogs. For a twist on the classics, add a toppings bar with cheese, olives, and bacon to complement the relish and ketchup.


If the weather is chilly and you have access to power, a Crock Pot or two can be the center of attention.  Use one for hot cider or rum and another for warm dips like Queso or Buffalo chicken.  Or maybe go for heartier fare, such as sweet and sour meatballs (every family has a recipe) or hot soup—hamburger or seasonal squash, perhaps?

Below are our two favorite recipes:



    All in all, the leaves may be falling, but your tailgate will lead to smiles and cheers!


    What is your biggest tailgating tip? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

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