Folding Adirondack Chairs

Our products are already designed durable and built to be left outside through rain, wind, snow, and ice. We took it a step further and made folding versions of our Adirondack chairs that allow you to transport or store them easily. Throw them in the trunk for a day out at the beach or hang them on the garage wall through winter months — you won't realize how helpful the folding feature is until you own one!

Folding Adirondack Chairs
    With contoured seating built into the folding Adirondack chair design, these furniture pieces are sure to provide maximum comfort. Set these up on your porch, patio, poolside, or anywhere in your backyard furniture arrangement, and then lean back and put your feet up as you take in the outside air.
    Light brown king sized Hamilton Adirondack chair on paved stone with beer and pillow.
    Gray Hamilton Adirondack chair on grass with purple flowers.
    We design every one of our furniture items with longevity, durability, and all-weather versatility in mind. This means that your Highwood USA furniture can be left outside all year and remain usable when summer comes back around. Our composite poly lumber material contains UV inhibitors and stabilizers that help your folding Adirondack chair weather the elements and resist fading for a long-lasting crisp look. That said, if you’d rather store them away for the season, our Hamilton and Manhattan Beach chairs are easily collapsible so you can hang them up on a garage wall or lay them flat for minimal storage space use.
    Since these chairs fold down for easy storage, you can plan a beach or camping trip and place them in the back of your car for convenient relaxation once you get to your destination. Enjoy the company of friends and family around a campsite fire pit with a folding Adirondack chair that allows you to bring a piece of your backyard with you. Lean back on the beach under an umbrella as you relax to the sound of the ocean in one of our beach-inspired color options. Highwood USA offers a wide selection of color options for our Adirondack chairs, so you’ll be able to find an option that fits both in your home furniture setting and wherever you go.