Round Dining Sets

    If you’re looking for a circular table and chair set for your outdoor patio, look no further than round dining sets from Highwood USA. Choose from several style, measurement, and color options to create the perfect configuration for your outdoor deck.

    Whether you’re looking for a more traditional look for your dining set, a contemporary, sleek feel, or the classic Adirondack design, Highwood USA has the perfect round dining set for your needs. We offer each of these design flavors in our Lehigh, Weatherly, and Hamilton collections, plus additional sizing and color options so you can fully customize your outdoor dining space.
    Besides our round dining sets crafted for homeowners, Highwood USA also offers commercial-grade options that work as a great solution for an outdoor dining space at a restaurant, bar, university, or any professional outdoor area. We offer three style variants: our traditionally lined Springville collection, our modern and sleek Glennville collection, and an archetypal Adirondack style in our Muskoka collection. Any of these designs will provide a beautiful look to your outdoor dining space.
    At Highwood USA, we craft all of our outdoor furniture from durable, weather-resistant composite material made in the USA. Both our commercial grade and residential products are durable and designed to last for years. Plus, they won’t fade easily or lose their luster even when left outside all winter. Our round dining sets are designed to hold up no matter if they’re in rain, wind, snow, or ice.