Property Management and Commercial

    Shop the best in outdoor all- weather durable furniture. We produce the finest products for your properties. 

    Own a second home at the beach? No problem, we have Adirondack chairs that last all season long. 

    Do you have apartment rental units that need public seating? We have durable benches that can service your needs. 

    Whatever the property, whatever the outdoor-furniture need, chances are we produce it here at Highwood USA. 

    Need a refresh on your vacation home’s exterior? Our Stonecroft shutters are great fit for beach homes, lake houses, and anywhere else! Available in sizes from 31” to 80”, each comes in a set of two to complement any type of window. Made from our ultra-durable poly lumber, these American-made shutters will last through all kinds of weather, and are easy to paint to match with the rest of your home’s paneling.
    Eleven Highwood color samples. Brown, Black, Gray, Light Green, Dark Blue, Light Gray, Light Blue, Red, Off-white, Light Brown, and White.
    Your property’s outdoor space has a unique aesthetic, so any furniture added to the space should complement it. Luckily, we offer a wide range of color and style options to fit your backdrop. Whether it’s a mountain, lake, beach, or any other type of natural scenery, we know our pieces will look amazing! Choose from colors like Weathered Acorn, Coastal Teak, Whitewash, Rustic Red, and more!
    When it comes to lakeside cabins, nothing beats relaxing in an Adirondack chair while enjoying the view. Our Classic Westport (shown in video), Hamilton, and Italica Modern Adirondack chairs are just a few options that your guests will be sure to love. While you’re at it, grab a folding ottoman as well so renters can put their feet up while they take in the scenery.
    With warmer weather comes family trips to the beach, and if you own a beachside vacation rental, summer is your peak season. Luckily, both Highwood USA and our Bahia Verde Outdoors brand offer coastal-style furniture that will look great in any pool or balcony area. Adirondack chairs, benches, garden chairs, and more are all available to make your beach patio furniture set look amazing.