Enjoy Your Outdoor Furniture – In the Winter!

Enjoy Your Outdoor Furniture – In the Winter!
FEB 03 2023

Enjoy Your Outdoor Furniture – In the Winter!


There is snow outside, and the trees are tinged with white. You’re watching the snowball fight outside your window while you head for hot chocolate by the fireplace. Winter is the coziest time of the year—as long as you’re inside. So, your patio and your outdoor furniture might not be the first thing on your mind.


Winterize Your Patio

Yet winterizing your patio can be fun and easy to do, and a carefully crafted patio spot can offer unexpected opportunities to enjoy your outdoor space all year-round.

One thing you won’t have to worry about is your highwood® furniture. Made of weatherproof material, your chairs, tables, benches, and even your pergola will withstand the cold, snow, and hail. So, no moving, no storing, no covering up.  You can leave it where it is.



Select the Area

To create your winter space, first select the area you want to “winterize”.  This could be your patio, or it could be an open spot in your yard or an area around a built-in firepit. If your furniture is spread out over your yard, bring it closer in.

So how do you make your summer space a winter haven? One suggestion is to brighten things up during the darker months with outdoor lights strung along trees, your pergola, or even along tables. To use them year-round (just like your furniture), it makes sense to invest in quality, industrial-grade strings with watertight seals around the bulbs.

Then, think about investing in a heat-emitting propane heater, like the ones used by restaurants, to keep the area warm.  Many of these models are waterproof, although it’s best not to leave it on unattended.


Fire Pit

If you don’t have a built-in fire pit, use a portable one. It doesn’t have to be made of bricks, dug into the ground or otherwise be a major undertaking, either. You can buy a very safe, above-ground firepit very reasonably at a discount- or outdoor store or online. You won’t need a huge quantity of wood, either. Gas stations, grocery-, hardware stores, and other outlets sell small quantities of wood ready to go. You can even buy logs treated with starter so all you have to do is plop it in and light it up. 


Stay Warm Together

With your fire pit all set, surround it with chairs, perhaps even the highwood®  Classic Westport Adirondack Fireside Set if you’re expecting a large gathering of family and friends. Don’t forget to pile on the blankets, either. After all, they’re the easiest way to add warmth to your outdoor setup and can make a huge difference in how long you’d like to stay outside.

And don’t forget the warm drinks! Hot cider, hot chocolate, soup, coffee and tea…they’ll all help you stay warm inside and out.

With everything just perfect, you might discover something remarkable: when a number of people gather round the fire on a wintry evening, everyone is actually warmer. You might even want to use your grill to create a nice winter meal. Then pile on the wood to create a beautiful, warming bonfire, or host an outdoor movie night to keep everyone entertained.


Winter is Hot Tub Time

On another note, consider your hot tub.  It’s nice in the summer, but it can also be the best place to be on a wintry night. Get ready for winter by giving your tub a refresh with our highwood® Spa/Hot Tub Cabinet Replacement Kit. This is a great activity for the family, especially after a chilly experience like building a snowman together. You can sit together and just watch the steam. 

 And here are some tips for when it’s time to get out: first, be sure to clear a path through the snow before you start. Bring some waterproof shoes like flipflops or Crocs™ so you don’t have to step on the wet ground. Better yet, bring a large towel or robe that you don’t mind getting wet. Before you get out, soak it in the hot water and then wrap yourself up.  You’ll stay warm long enough to get inside.

 All in all, when you use your outdoor space and furniture in the winter, there’s nothing like it.  It’s your very own winter wonderland!



What are you most excited about for this Spring? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

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