Modern Outdoor Benches

With their bold, straight lines, right angles, and color choices, Highwood’s modern-style outdoor benches are ideal for settings ranging from balconies to patios. They’re just the thing to place outside next to floor-to-ceiling windows, complementing modern architecture.

Modern Outdoor Benches
    Our modern benches are part of the Weatherly Collection. This collection features modern, horizontal lines across our chair and bench backs that provide a bold look to your outdoor space. Though strong, the modern design makes a statement for your yard without overshadowing everything else.
    Light green 4 foot Weatherly garden bench on stone pathway.
    Highwood color samples with highwood® logo.
    You’ve decided on a more modern look for your balcony or patio. Now, what color will you pick? At Highwood, we get that picking furniture is an art, so we’re happy to provide you a wide range of colors so you can craft the perfect outdoor furniture arrangement. The colors for our modern outdoor benches range from white, black, and grey to red, blue, and wood-tone brown. With so many options, you’re sure to find a great fit for your garden or yard.
    Made in the USA, our modern outdoor benches are built tough from waterproof poly lumber, resisting weather damage and fading. Unlike real wood, it’s much easier to maintain and lasts a lot longer. Your modern-style bench will grant you plenty of opportunities to relax in your open-air sanctuary.
    Wood-grain detail on light gray Highwood material panel.