Oversized Outdoor Dining Sets

When bigger is better, turn to Highwood USA’s oversized outdoor dining sets. Whether you need to serve more guests or have a large space to fill, these tables and chairs give the roomy flexibility you desire. Choose from a variety of table heights, styles, and color options.

Oversized Outdoor Dining Sets
    Our oversized outdoor dining sets feature the traditional look of our Lehigh collection, the sleek style of our Weatherly collection, or the classic Adirondack look from our Hamilton collection. With multiple style, sizing, and color options, you’re sure to find something that fits best with your dining deck.
    Light brown 42in x 84in Lehigh dining set on patio area.
    Eleven Highwood color samples. Brown, Black, Gray, Light Green, Dark Blue, Light Gray, Light Blue, Red, Off-white, Light Brown, and White.
    With a variety of colors, finding the right style and color combo for our oversized outdoor dining sets is easy. These patio dining sets are fully customizable and will fit well in any arrangement.