Features You Didn't Know You Needed in Outdoor Furniture

Features You Didn't Know You Needed in Outdoor Furniture

It’s finally time to treat yourself to some new high-quality outdoor furniture. What are you going to buy?

You definitely want to find pieces that suit your personal aesthetic, but what else should you be looking for? What are those extra-special touches that turn good outdoor furniture into great outdoor furniture?

Let’s talk about it! Read on to learn more so you can start shopping with confidence.


Hidden Hardware

Some lower-quality outdoor furniture pieces have huge screws and knobs exposed. Not only do they not look good, but they can also be uncomfortable and catch on clothing and other things that are nearby. Hidden hardware is far more modern, comfortable, and sleek looking.

The furniture is still securely assembled, but you don’t have to see what’s actually holding it together. There’s no need for everyone to see the ugly screws and bolts! See we what mean for our Weatherly Rocking chair in this video!


Waterfall Front

How do you feel about waterfall fronts? Are you familiar with them? You’ve certainly seen them, even if you weren’t aware of what they were called.

Waterfall fronts are curved fronts. Rather than having sharp edges, there’s a gentle curve behind where your knees rest. A waterfall front gives the outdoor furniture a sleek and modern appearance, but it’s also functional.

It makes the furniture more comfortable. The curved edge behind the knees is far more comfortable than a sharp edge. Also, water can flow right off of the furniture after rain or a quick hose-down rather than pooling.

To see the Waterfall front in action, check out this video featuring our Hamilton rocking chair


Contoured Backs and Seats

Speaking of adding a little curve to outdoor furniture, what about the backs and seats of chairs? Should they be straight and stiff, or should they have a more natural and comfortable shape?

If you ask us, contoured backs and seats are a must-have when it comes to high-quality outdoor furniture.

A curved back design lends extra support and comfort to your back. It allows you to relax long into the evening, whether you’re outside reading a book, having a drink, or socializing with friends. See curved backs in action with this video featuring our Counter height Hamilton Deck chair!




Weather-Resistant Material

You don’t want to have to rearrange your patio every time there’s a shift in the weather, right? Of course not. That’s a huge hassle. That’s why you need outdoor furniture that’s weather-resistant.

Our all-weather material is built to withstand all four seasons. It’s suitable for a wide range of climates, including hot sun, snowy winters, salt spray, and even heavy winds. That means you can leave your furniture outside year-round, which is ideal for larger pieces like the Hometown Picnic Table.



Wide Arms

We’ve all sat in seats that have skinny armrests. Who are those for, anyway? They’re never comfortable, and they make the seats feel more like seats on a budget airline. You deserve better.

Wide arms are perfect for lounging. Ours are even wide enough to set down a drink or a book! No more putting things on the floor (and then knocking them over, whoops!) or trying to sit close enough to a table. See the wide arms of our Westport Adirondack chair in action in this video!





Real Wood Look

Do you love the look of real wood, but value the convenience and durability of plastic? You can have both. We make our high-quality outdoor furniture from recycled plastics, but they’re made to mimic the appearance of real, natural wood.

You can enjoy the subtle surface grain of real wood in every chair, table, ottoman bench, or swing. You’ll never have to worry about cracks, splinters, peeling paint, or dried-out surfaces that are so common with real wood furniture.




Many people underestimate the importance of warranties when it comes to their outdoor furniture. We offer a long warranty period because we stand behind our work.

We understand that sometimes things happen. We know that our furniture is durable and high-quality, but if something goes wrong, we’re happy to assess the situation and take responsibility for it.

 You get total peace of mind.

You Deserve High-Quality Outdoor Furniture

Don’t just settle for any bargain-bin outdoor furniture you find at your local home and garden shop. Treat yourself to stylish, modern, comfortable, and high-quality outdoor furniture that you can enjoy during any season for years to come.

These features turn good outdoor furniture into great outdoor furniture. You don’t want to miss out! Visit our shop to start finding your new favorite high-quality outdoor furniture pieces today so you can start assembling your perfect patio.


What feature is most important to you when purchasing outdoor furniture? We want to hear in the comments below!

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