Functional and Fashionable: Finding the Right Mailbox Post

Functional and Fashionable: Finding the Right Mailbox Post

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or have been there for decades, your mailbox is a key fixture. Mailboxes are far more than just functional: They can add a lot to your home’s front-facing look.

Since both invited guests and passers-by will see your front façade, it’s crucial to make it your own while you incorporate key practical aspects. In this blog, we’ll provide tips and suggestions on finding the best mailbox post for your home, both in terms of functionality and style. 


Standards from the US Postal Service

Before we present our own suggestions, we want to summarize the official standards for mailboxes offered by the US Postal Service. Before you get a post for it, all mailboxes need to meet USPS size and construction standards. Any mailbox with the Postmaster General’s seal of approval meets these standards, and is ok to use.

When it comes to placement, ensure that the mailbox itself is 41” to 45” above the surface of the road and is 6” to 8” back from the curb. Your Mailbox should also have your house or apartment number visible.

For the post, it should be buried no more than 24” deep, and made from material that’s stable, but also easily bends or falls when hit by a car. Unyielding posts can cause more damage when struck.

Before you buy your mailbox post, keep these standards in mind and measure the area where you’d like to bury it. It’s important to consider the style of mailbox post and what spacing might be required, especially if your mailbox area includes flowers, bushes, and decorations.



Once you have the area visualized, consider what your durability needs are before settling on a final post style. If you’re in a region that’s prone to heavy snow, then reliable durability is likely a must-have on your list. Besides the potential for cars to slip into it, mailbox posts may also be vulnerable to damage when snowplows drive by.

If you like the look of wood, you may want to consider alternatives to actual wood material. Wood is prone to chipping, rotting, and other kinds of wear and tear that require vigilant maintenance.

For an alternative that maintains the same look, consider our Hazleton Mailbox posts. Both the single and double-mailbox posts are made with our proprietary poly lumber, which resists weathering and won’t chip or peel like regular wood. It’s also much easier to maintain: Keep it looking brand-new just by using soap and water. There’s no need to stain or sand it each year.


Hazleton Mailbox Post in Woodland Brown


As a special offering for townhouses or duplexes, we now have our Side-by-side mailbox posts available. It keeps the same look and durability as the single Hazleton posts, but with capacity for two mailboxes instead of one.


Hazleton Double Mailbox Post in Black


Adding a Personal Touch

Mailbox posts don’t need to be bland. There are plenty of ways to personalize and fit in with the rest of your front yard! If you enjoy the ability to paint your mailbox, finding the right color for the post can give your creativity a good backdrop that doesn’t clash with your handiwork.

Highwood’s mailbox posts are offered in a variety of colors. Black, white, brown, gray, and more are available, and we offer product swatches so you can view each color in person!

Besides coloring, you might consider adding strings of lights to wrap around your post. They don’t have to be a holiday exclusive: The right lighting can look good year-round. Mailbox lights also serve a functional purpose: If potential visitors tend to have trouble finding your house in the dark, lighting up the mailbox will make seeing your house number that much easier.

Surrounding the mailbox, adding a few flowers or other plants can make for a beautiful miniature garden. Since mailboxes are usually right up at the front of your yard, making the surrounding area into a small garden is a great way to show off your green thumb to passers-by.


Hazleton Mailbox Post in White


 Hazleton Mailbox Post in White



Let Your Mailbox Introduce Your Yard!

With this guide, you have a framework to help make your Mailbox setting the crucial first introduction to your front yard.


Have a Mailbox area that you’re proud of? Tell us about it in the comments and send in your photos!

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