Getting Creative: Colors and Special Accessories for Adirondack Chairs

Getting Creative: Colors and Special Accessories for Adirondack Chairs

Spring is in full swing, which means now is the time for enjoying the outdoors with Adirondack chairs! If you have the ideal chair picked out for your relaxation space, the next step is thinking about the best colors and accessories you can add to match with the surrounding scenery.

In this guide, we talk about popular colors for Adirondack chairs, plus accessories that can truly make your space your own!


Highwood Furniture Colors

If you’re considering highwood Adirondack chairs, be sure to check out the wide range of color options we have available! See below for a few select colors and examples of our chairs in action:

Nantucket Blue – Named after the famous island in New England, this blue calls to mind seaside relaxation, but you can enjoy it anywhere! Our Italica Modern Adirondack chair in Nantucket Blue is pictured below.


Italica Modern Adirondack Chair in Nantucket Blue


Besides Nantucket Blue, we also offer our deeper Federal Blue. Compare the colors to see what looks best in your space!


Weathered Acorn – This natural hue fits in well with wooded or natural scenery. The dark brown looks just like real wood, as our poly lumber material imitates the real thing, down to the wood-grain texture. See our King-sized Hamilton Adirondack chair in Weathered Acorn here!


King Hamilton Adirondack Chair in Weathered Acorn


For a lighter brown, we suggest our new Woodland Brown shade.


Whitewash – A more subdued white, this color provides a nice contrast against pure white sands. Whitewash Adirondack chairs reflect the sun’s heat while you enjoy beachside relaxation. Pictured below is our Manhattan Beach Adirondack chair in Whitewash, in its ideal beachfront setting:


Manhattan Beach Adirondack Chair in Whitewash


We also offer a pure White color swatch, granting a sleek, bold look against darker backgrounds.


Harbor Gray – One of our newer colors, Harbor Gray fits well on a patio or dock. View our Classic Westport Adirondack chair in Harbor Gray here!


Classic Westport Adirondack Chair in Harbor Gray


In addition to Harbor Gray, we also have a darker gray option with our Coastal Teak furniture.


Eucalyptus – Last, but certainly not least, we recently launched a light green color option. This hue is a great fit against a garden or bright flowerbed! Check out our Hamilton Folding and Reclining Adirondack chair in Eucalyptus below!


Hamilton Folding and Reclining Adirondack Chair in Eucalyptus


We couldn’t cover all our colors in this section, so be sure to look over our Black and Red color options as well. If you want a sample of our colors to view in person, you can order a box of product swatches here!


Bahia Verde Colors

Inspired by summer vacations in paradise, Bahia Verde Adirondack chairs come in bright, tropical colors. Like all of the new Bahia Verde furniture, the Cape, Waterfall, and Corolla Adirondack chairs are crafted to give you a slice of the shore wherever you desire.

To showcase just a few of the Bahia Verde colors, we have photos of Adirondack chairs in action below:

Cape Folding and Reclining Adirondack Chair in Sunbeam Yellow:


Cape Folding and Reclining Adirondack Chair in Sunbeam Yellow


Cape Classic Adirondack Chair in Palm Green:


Cape Classic Adirondack Chair in Palm Green


Corolla Comfort Height Adirondack Chair in Coconut White:


Corolla Comfort Height Adirondack Chair in Coconut White


Waterfall Comfort Height Adirondack Chair in Seaglass Blue:


Waterfall Comfort Height Adirondack Chair in Seaglass Blue


Other vibrant Bahia Verde colors include Cove Gray, Boathouse Red, Citrus Orange, Cabana Tan, Mangrove Brown, and Black Sand. Order a set of Bahia Verde color swatches to view the unique colors and material in person!


Accessories to Get Creative

Adirondack chairs are designed to help us relax, so we naturally want to feel comfortable. Outdoor cushions, blankets, and rugs are just three simple ways to add a touch of comfort to your space.

Depending on which color you choose for your Adirondack chairs, you’ll want to vary the colors of the blankets and pillows you use. For help on combining pillow and blanket colors, Pinterest has some great ideas! Check out some of the photos on our page to get started!

Besides blankets and pillows, adding an ottoman gives you a chance to kick your feet up. At highwood®, we have Adirondack ottomans that match the styles for most of our chairs, so you don’t have to worry about clashing designs! If you appreciate modern style, we designed our Italica Modern Ottoman to match with Italica Adirondack chairs.


Italica Modern Adirondack Ottoman in Black


Outside of accessories for comfort, adding tables to your Adirondack relaxation space will ensure you have plenty of room for drinks and snacks, or a place to set a book while enjoying an afternoon reading break.

Our side tables are available in both a standard and folding version. Depending on which style of Adirondack chair you like best, they are also available in the Italica Modern and Westport families.

For two Westport Adirondack chairs, we recently designed a tete-a-tete connecting table to fill a space between the two chairs. Share a moment with a loved one or enjoy time with a friend as this convenient table gives space for drinks, snacks, playing cards, and more.


Adirondack Tete-A-Tete Connecting Table in Rustic Red



Accessories with Bahia Verde Adirondack Chairs

To close out our discussion on Adirondack chair accessories, we’ll offer tips on accessories to use with Bahia Verde Adirondack chairs. Besides blankets and pillows, the bright colors offered in Bahia Verde furniture grant unique opportunities for decorations, both in seasonal and long-term use.

When fall comes around, getting creative with Black Sand and Citrus Orange furniture can help you make the best Halloween display in your neighborhood!

Keeping with the tropical vacation theme, Palm Green Adirondacks would fit in perfectly with decorative string lights and tiki torches during a summer cocktail party.

When it comes to ottomans, the Cape Folding ottoman comes in all the same vibrant colors as our Cape Adirondack chairs, allowing you to match it up with any style and hue!

Bahia Verde has two choices when it comes to side tables: A large and a small sizing. No matter which size you pick, the matching design and colors will let you pair it with any Bahia Verde chair.


Large Cape Adirondack Side Table in Cabana Tan


If you purchase two of our Comfort Height chairs (either the Waterfall or Corolla models), our Comfort Height connecting table will give you space to share, just like the highwood® version!


Use Color and Accessories to Express Yourself!

Picking furniture for your outdoor space is one of the best ways to express your unique style and make your home your own. When it comes to colors and accessories, there are many ways to get creative, so we hope this guide has helped you get started!


How have you used outdoor accessories and Adirondack chairs in your own yard? Let us know in the comments!

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