Mixing Styles of Outdoor Furniture for a Unique Look

Mixing Styles of Outdoor Furniture for a Unique Look
APR 28 2023

How to Mix and Match Different Styles of Outdoor Furniture for a Unique Look


While Highwood is known for its traditional, stylish vibe, our products can be mixed and matched to suit a variety of tastes and needs. For those looking for something more eclectic when it comes to the design, function, and styling of your furniture, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks.


Combine Styles

From fashion design to outdoor furniture, mixing and matching styles is a simple, effective way to exercise creativity and create looks that are new or surprising.

Add a twist to your outdoor setup by combining pieces from our different collections, each of which has its own, distinct style. For example, mix products from our Weatherly Collection with our Italica Modern Collection for a bold, contemporary look. Or, pair Adirondack-style furniture with our Lehigh line for a classic/farmhouse-chic vibe.

When it comes to dining table seating, try a variety of chairs. Luckily, all of our dining tables and chairs can be purchased separately, making it easy for you to switch things up. For a roomier seat, why not use a garden chair? For family get-togethers, try a bench to seat as many diners as possible. Or combine our counter-height dining tables and stools. We also recommend one of our round, counter-height tables for post-work drinks with friends.




Accessorize with planters! Available in a variety of shapes and colors, planters are a great way to incorporate your unique style into your space. Combine square planters with tall, vase-like shapes and bold, brightly colored flowers or plants to create an intriguing effect.


Be Creative

Another way to add an unexpected twist to your outdoor space is to use your products in non-traditional ways.

For example, stools and chairs are great for holding things besides people! Use small tables, stools, or side tables to hold plants and other décor elements. We think our Italica Modern Coffee Table, with its sleek angles, looks great with modern planters and bold plants (try setting three small plants in a row on the table).

You can use our tables and benches in the same way. Be creative! Drape blankets over a chair on your porch or push a bench up to the wall of your home and line it with colorful outdoor pillows. Speaking of benches, use one of our picnic benches as extra seating in your entryway where you hang coats and hats. It’s perfect for lacing up sneakers and shoes, or pulling those boots off at the end of the day. Our Lehigh Counter Stool also works well as a side table between two garden chairs!



Play with Color

Regardless of the look you’re going for, another easy way to transform your outdoor space is through color.

If you already have a color represented in your space, you can pair it with something new for a fresh look. Combine White with Black, Harbor Gray, or Coastal Teak for a more modern look; or for something clean and spring-like, choose beautiful Eucalyptus, a color that’s both neutral and unique.



To add dimension and cohesion, pair shades of the same color together, such as Federal Blue and Nantucket Blue, Weathered Acorn and Woodland Brown, or Harbor Gray and Coastal Teak.

If you want to make a statement, you can even try combining some of the bolder colors in our collection, such as Rustic Red and Federal Blue.

Remember that while mixing and matching can make for eclectic design, it works just as well if you have a more reserved sense of style. Whatever your taste, have fun making your outdoor space your own!


What products would you mix and match? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

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