Outdoor Buying Guide: Conversation Sets

Outdoor Buying Guide: Conversation Sets

Adirondack, Garden, and Deep Seating Sets: What makes each unique?

Two are better than one, and when it comes to the outdoors, this principal holds true. Time outside with friends and family makes nature all the more enjoyable.

In this guide, we offer explanations of our various conversation sets, their styles, and why adding one of these to your outdoor arrangement is the best way to host fun, refreshing gatherings in your piece of paradise. 


Adirondack Conversation Sets

First up, we have our Adirondack-style conversation sets. Offering contoured comfort and style that invokes mountain serenity, these sets are perfect for a lake house, backyard, or fire pit setting (in fact, our Westport Fireside set is specifically curated for evening bonfires!)


Classic Westport Fireside Set in Harbor Gray


In terms of design, Highwood offers our Westport, Hamilton, and Italica collections ready to go with conversation furniture bundles. Read on for more info on each style!

Westport Sets

The Classic Westport collection sports timeless Adirondack style, featuring parallel back slats and contoured seating. Grab a set of four chairs and two tables for larger gatherings, or consider two with a table in between for date nights.

With tables, chairs, and ottomans, there are plenty of options available for a great gathering place!

Hamilton Sets

In our Hamilton collection, we keep the traditional Adirondack style, but we add in folding and reclining frames to the Adirondack chairs. These convenient improvements allow you to adjust the seating for optimal relaxation, and to easily store the chair whenever desired.

Besides the regular-sized Hamilton Adirondack chair, we offer a king-sized version for extra seat and leg room. We also have our Hamilton deck chair that keeps the style, but comes in a smaller package for easy use on porches and decks. Pick up a bundle of two with a folding side table, and enjoy your backyard scenery with a friend.


Hamilton Deck Chair Seating Set in Nantucket Blue


Italica Sets

To round out Adirondack conversation sets, consider our Italica collection for a uniquely modern look. Italica items feature oversized slats, giving any patio or porch space a bold feel.

Check out the Italica Conversation set and impress your guests with this distinctive take on classic Adirondack design.  

 Italica Modern Conversation Set in Harbor Gray


Garden Sets

While they are the perfect fit for your garden area, our garden furniture can cultivate conversations with a friend wherever you find space for them. These sets include garden chairs, rocking chairs, benches, and tables.

Multiple style options allow you to pick from the traditional Lehigh, contemporary Weatherly, or Adirondack-inspired Westport design. Plus, the wide variety of color choices can help you customize your set to best complement the beauty of your handiwork. 


The elegant Lehigh collection offers a look that anyone can appreciate. Straight, vertical lines characterize the backs of Lehigh chairs and benches.

When it comes to crafting a conversation set from the Lehigh collection, start with the chairs. Whether you want a classic garden chair, rocking chair, or bench, we’ve got you covered! Once you have the seating, add in some side tables or a conversation table.

Bundles are also available. The Lehigh Garden conversation set gives a complete arrangement for four with a bench, two chairs, and conversation table all in one. If you want to rock the hours away, our Lehigh rocking chair set lets you do that with a companion, and includes a side table to keep drinks, snacks, books, or other outdoor necessities close.


Lehigh Garden Conversation Set in Black



The relaxed look of the Weatherly collection comes from clean, horizontal lines on the chair backs. Weatherly furniture helps you make a bold statement in your garden, on your porch, or wherever you want it!


Set of 2 Weatherly Garden Chairs in Whitewash


As with the Lehigh collection, we have garden chairs, rockers, and benches, plus bundles to create a conversation area all at once. To seat four, we have our Weatherly garden set with two chairs, a bench, and longer conversation table for games, snacks, and decorations.

For a smaller arrangement, we offer a set of two chairs and side table for more intimate conversation.


We mentioned the Westport conversation sets earlier, but in our discussion on garden furniture, we wanted to mention one more thing. If you love rocking chairs, then we know you’ll love our Westport garden rocking chair. Blending Adirondack style into a smaller, more traditional rocking chair look, this chair lets you rock back and forth and enjoy all the work you’ve put in to making your garden beautiful.

 Westport Garden Rocker in Woodland Brown


Deep Seating Conversation Sets

Customization is key to conversation areas, and flexible seating is more and more popular. To help you arrange seating however you want, Highwood has launched a line of Deep Seating furniture to let you do this with optimal comfort.

Besides single chairs, our deep seating collection includes sectionals that you can break apart and put together however you need, based on who’s coming for outdoor gatherings. With tables, ottomans, and soft cushions that resist stains, these bundles are the perfect package for relaxing outdoors with friends and family.

 Bespoke Deep Seating: Loveseat, 2 Chair Set, and Conversation Table in Cobalt Blue



We hope this guide to Highwood conversation furniture has sparked some ideas for your own outdoor gathering area! Have a space of your own that you’re proud of? Tell us about it in the comments or share some pictures!

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