Outdoor Deep Seating: A Buying Guide

Outdoor Deep Seating: A Buying Guide

At Highwood, we’re delighted summer is finally here. With the dog days upon us, we find ourselves gravitating to the beach or wanting to work in the garden, eager to catch some rays. We’ll be spending more time in our own backyards, whether that means hosting cookouts, tossing a baseball, or just taking in the smell of freshly cut grass.

Highwood’s collection of deep seating furniture is especially conducive to outdoor activity, since it brings an extra level of comfort to your space, enabling you to extend these summer days for as long as possible. To help you get the most out of your purchase, we’ve put together some points to consider when you shop.


Quality and Build

If you want to outfit your backyard space with furniture, that furniture must be durable, weatherproof, and waterproof (unless you want to spend the rest of your days staining and re-painting!). Highwood’s outdoor seating is crafted from our crowd-favorite, high-grade poly lumber, which withstands all types of weather. Rain, snow, sun—you name it. As with all of our pieces, this means there’s no need to worry about painting, fading, or weathering.

And when we talk about durability, we mean the whole package! Our lush, comfortable cushions are also weather-resistant and are super easy to clean.



If you’re looking to take the comfort of the indoors outside, deep seating is the way to go. Equipped with soft cushions and an extra level of spaciousness, our deep seating furniture will bring a little luxury to your outdoor space, while being an excellent investment. Our full, comfortable cushions contain two layers of premium, high-density fiberfill, so they’ll never get stiff.



Sleek, modern, clean style is one of the benefits of our deep seating collection. No clunky frames here!

The size of your space will impact how you style it, so be sure to take measurements and factor in size before purchasing. Can your space accommodate a small or large collection? A couple of chairs or a full seven-piece sectional set? For those with more room to work with, our sectionals are a perfect and cozy choice. Our designs allow you to create the ideal arrangement for your outdoor gatherings, encouraging conversation and inviting intimacy.

Accessorize! If you have a couch, sectional, or loveseat, consider adding an ottoman or coffee table. If you’ve set up your chaise lounge by the pool, perhaps you’ll want to invest in a side table for ultimate relaxation, or to accommodate drinks, snacks, and anything else you may want within reach.




We have a range of color options to help with styling and accessorizing your space.

If you’re looking for a neutral option that will enable bright accessories to stand out, cushion colors such as Dune, Driftwood, or Stone Gray are great options. If you want your furniture to be a focal point, Cobalt Blue or Firecracker Red should do the trick (we think Cobalt Blue pops especially well against a black frame). Navy is a classic option, and Black will add an extra dose of modernity to your space.



Whatever color, size, or style you choose, remember: it’s your space. How do you see yourself using it? What do you want to do outdoors this summer? Let those questions—and our tips!—be your guide.


Need more help? Check out our YouTube for helpful videos like the one below!



What is important to you when purchasing outdoor furniture? We want to hear in the comments below!

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