DEC 13 2021

Tips for a Rockin' Holiday Front Porch Set-Up

Highwood has everything you need to rock right into the holidays. Here are some ideas to lighten your decorating load and maybe even round out your wish list.


Are you ready to relax after a Thanksgiving spent planning, cooking, and hosting? Highwood has everything you need to rock right into the holidays. Here are some ideas to lighten your decorating load and maybe even round out your wish list.

We’re all guilty of putting ourselves on top of our own shopping lists when we start browsing the big holiday sales. You will forgive yourself on that first evening spent counting the emerging stars from your Weatherly Rocking Chair, a perfect fit on your porch or encircling a firepit.

Get Rockin'

If you have a hard time choosing just one tree, maybe it’s time to double up; the first goes inside, and the second can live on the porch. Outdoor-rated lights and sturdy ornaments are every bit as weatherproof as your Highwood furniture, and they create a bold focal point for your porch display.

Trees nestled between two chairs—maybe our Lehigh Rocking Chair or Essential Country Rocking Chair—are a perfect invitation to literally Rock Around the Christmas Tree!


Bigger isn't always Better

Don’t think you need to go full-on Griswold with a mammoth tree, either. Keep the same feel with small potted evergreens, or an arrangement of pine boughs, ribbons, and glass balls.



To really get in the holiday spirit, remember that thoughtfully chosen and arranged exterior decorations can make neighbors and passersby smile. Maybe fill an oversized bowl with larger ornaments and pine cones, and place it on our Adirondack Coffee Table, available now in festive Rustic Red.

It Goes Without Saying

Even if you aren’t celebrating Christmas, a wreath on your door makes a beautiful seasonal statement. Adorn your entryway with natural pine boughs, and everyone coming to your home will be greeted with the brisk scent of evergreen.



You can never go wrong with white lights. Strings of LEDs (twinkling or not) pair well with greens and weathered wood. Our Beckett Patio Planter, available in 20” x 20” or the larger 20” x 36” is the perfect home for some light-wrapped, split firewood or decorative white birch logs.



Pro tip: Even though the red-and-green palette of live poinsettias is a perfect way to bring the outdoor splendor of the holidays inside, think twice before adding them to your outdoor display. These plants should not be exposed to prolonged temperatures under 50 degrees.


And as always, fresh is best, and keep an eye on your porch plants. You wouldn’t want Cousin Eddie to park his Winnebago in front of your house for the holidays, so don’t depress visitors with wilted plant life. Be sure the fronds and flowers in your displays are hearty enough to spend the winter outside, and they will repay you with beautiful seasonal decorations.


Our next blog will discuss which outdoor items should be stored for the winter and which can stay out. Until then, good luck bringing the colors of the season to your porch!

Are you decorating your front porch this year? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

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