Creating a Space Your Rental Guests Will Love

Creating a Space Your Rental Guests Will Love

When weather gets warmer, vacation rentals start filling up as families get ready for a week at the beach, the lakeside, or at mountain retreats. If you own an Airbnb, Vrbo, or any type of rental, you’re busy with ensuring that your property is set to go for the rental season. You’re making sure the living space is freshly cleaned, and fully stocked with decorations and amenities.

However, as you decorate and plan your interior, it’s important to remember that your outdoor area is just as important. In fact, since the exterior will be what your guests see first (at least in person), it’s arguably more important to ensure everything on the outside looks welcoming and attractive.

If you’re new to the rental market, or looking to refresh your outdoor spaces with new furniture, we’re here to help! This blog will help you understand why highwood® makes the best furniture for rental properties, and provide suggestions for different aspects of your outdoor arrangements!


The Backdrop

Location is crucial, both when it comes to drawing in renters, and when planning new outdoor furniture purchases. Your yard scenery will affect the colors you choose, as well as the overall style.

For example, bright colors might be more appropriate for a beachfront home (like the colors from our Bahia Verde Outdoors brand), whereas more natural, subdued browns and grays might be better at a remote lakeside retreat.


Cape Folding and Reclining Adirondack Chairs and Cape Small Side table in Seaglass Blue


Luckily, plastic outdoor furniture doesn’t have to clash with the natural background. Our unique high-density polystyrene (HDPS) is easy to overlay with an embossed wood-grain texture, so each piece matches the look of real wood, both in color and in feel!

While you consider your scenery, don’t forget about the climate! Are you in an area where it rains frequently? You might want to check out dining sets with umbrella holes. Located in a part of the country prone to extreme weather? You don’t want furniture that might blow away!

Luckily, all highwood® outdoor furniture will last through any kind of weather. From extreme cold, snow, and ice, to strong sunlight, rain and wind, each piece will last for years, backed by a 12-year warranty.

If the forecast includes long stretches of sunny days, nothing beats a Classic Adirondack Chair combined with matching ottoman. Adding in a few of these will allow rental guests to enjoy sunbathing in the privacy of a secluded space. They’ll be happy to have a space to relax, and you’ll be happy to have more positive reviews!



Classic Westport Adirondack Chair and Folding Ottoman in Black


Airbnb, Vrbo, and Search Listings

Believe it or not, apps like Airbnb and Vrbo have their own ranking algorithms. The more criteria property listings meet, the more likely they are to show up higher in search results on each respective platform. As with Google, higher rankings mean more visibility, and more visibility translates to more conversions (or bookings in the case of rentals).

Pricing, location, and amenities are just a few of the factors that impact ranking. As you consider outdoor furniture for your Airbnb or Vrbo rental, note that functionality and overall sense of hospitality can make or break your ranking in each search!

Keeping track of outdoor furniture trends is a big help when it comes to readiness for the vacation season.

For example, outdoor kitchens and customizable social spaces are a big plus for renters who enjoy time in nature. When it comes to outdoor gathering spaces, our conversation sets are designed to facilitate social interaction and laughter among friends and family.


Set of 2 Italica Modern Adirondack Chairs in Rustic Red


Since these sets are bundles of seating, tables, and other convenient accessories, you can place them wherever is best in your open space. For example, the Weatherly Garden Set doesn’t have to stick to a garden: set it on a covered patio or on a balcony with a view. Similarly, our bundle of 4 Westport Adirondacks and 2 Tables can provide seating around a bonfire, or give guests a spot to look out on a lake.


Outdoor Kitchens and Balcony Sets

If you have an outdoor kitchen, you’ll want sturdy seating and table options to hold up to the weather, but also want to make sure it still looks stylish, and feels comfortable. Outdoor bar and balcony pieces offer all of these perks, and are a great fit for smaller areas.

To highlight our selection, we’ll start with the Lehigh bar height sets. These tables and stools offer elegant, tall seating for morning mimosas or late-night drinks under the stars. In bundle form, these pieces come in a 2-stool and table set, or a 4-stool, 2 table option. Additionally, these are all available in a shorter counter height if desired. 


Lehigh 6pc Counter Height Balcony Set in Weathered Acorn


Speaking of counter height, another style to choose from in our balcony sets is the modernly styled Monroe family. Monroe sets are crafted with squared frames, as well as rectangular stools and tabletops. Although they’re only available in counter height right now, these sets will bring a refined look to a rental dining space. If you like the look of the Monroe, grab it in either our 3-piece or 6-piece sets!


Time by the Fire

Nothing caps off a summer evening quite like time spent chatting by a bonfire. To help facilitate this at your rental property, we offer specialized conversation sets that work great for marshmallow roasts or craft beer under the stars!

Our Classic Westport Fireside Set comes with 6 chairs, 3 side tables, and 3 ottomans for those who like putting their feet up. Set them up around a bonfire pit, and you’ll have a hangout spot renters will love, plus a great photo opportunity for your listings!

For smaller spaces, or for an outdoor kitchen centerpiece, check out our Oasis Fire Pit Table. This propane-powered patio piece comes with a glass guard, metal cover, and rain protecter. Just add the propane (not included), and the flame will look beautiful as the glass stones reflect it.


Oasis Fire Table in Coastal Teak


To create a convenient conversation set with the fire table, pick up our Italica Modern Adirondack and Fire Pit Set, and 4 guests can relax at once while they all enjoy the flames.


Larger Structures (Pergolas)

If your rental has a yard with lots of space, you have an opportunity to create a special area for tenants. A Bodhi Pergola will give them a nice, shaded spot for some secluded seating. We offer them in a variety of sizes, so you’ll have flexibility on where to set it up.

If desired, you can also grab a pergola kit with a porch swing. Because of their sturdy build, pergolas are a great place on which to hang a porch swing. Pergola and porch swing kits include the swing, the structure, and all the hardware you need for a perfect space in your exterior. Browse our styles and options today!


Bodhi 12' x 12' Pergola with 2 Weatherly 4' Swings in Black



Before we end our blog, we want to address caring for your outdoor furniture. As you get ready for the busy season, upkeep is a major concern, especially if your property is a couple hours away. Time is money, after all, so you’ll really appreciate the benefits of our proprietary material. Easy to maintain, a wash with a soap and water once a year is all it needs to look good as new. Plus, it will last for years! Check out our care guide for additional care and maintenance information.


We hope this guide has been helpful when it comes to picking outdoor furniture for your vacation home!


What types of outdoor furniture are you most happy with at your rental? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

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