Outdoor Bar and Balcony Sets

We designed our bar sets to be flexible and easy to work into almost any size footprint. Whether you have a small balcony or patio area that needs a wall hugging table, or a wide open deck with railing that you want to sit beside to enjoy the view, our bar sets are versatile, comfortable, and cool.

Outdoor Bar and Balcony Sets
    Balcony sets are the perfect dining option for tighter spaces and terraces. Their thinner profile combined with bar-seat style seating designed to slide under the table are an ideal space-saving option for entertaining.
    Light brown 3-piece Monroe Balcony Set on elevated balcony.
    Close up of gray 3-piece Monroe Balcony set with tree in the background.
    As always our durable and all-weather construction will allow you to leave your balcony sets outside all-season long. Entertaining in the Fall? No problem. Drinks on the terrace for Summer sunsets? Let's toast!